DIY {soap dispenser}

i needed a new soap dispenser for my newly remodeled bathroom.  the pedestal sink we installed will not hold one so it needed to be mounted to the wall.  I haven’t seen anything that could be used with a pump dispenser so i had to get creative. i’ve been seeing soap dispensers made from mason jars around the web

1. Soap Dispenser Tutorial 2.Post Road Vintage

3. Road Hill 4. Country Living

i like them, i’ve been using mason jars in my decor for a while but i couldn’t do it with the soap dispenser. maybe it’s because i have been seeing them so often that it just made me what to rebel and do something different? i thought i’d wait and find some type of cool jar at a yard sale or thrift store; or maybe even a vintage tin to make one out of.  well, i got impatient and decided to shop my house.  i had bought some different size jars with cork lids at a yard sale a few years ago and they’ve just been sitting ever since.  i had one of those ‘ah ha!’ moments and this is what i came up with~

i mounted mine on a shelf made from salvaged wood i picked up at a yard sale (where else, right?!) last year.  you could just as easily mount it without a shelf.

below is a picture tutorial i came up with.  it was pretty simple to do; i’m sure you could put it together many different ways, this is just what worked for me.  i winged this as i went along, my pump isn’t exactly centered in the cork but it still works and is hardly noticeable.  Also, be sure to add lots of glue when attaching your pump. i used some heavy duty glue i had on hand. it dried rubbery at first but becomes as hard as a rock after 24hours.

the bathroom/mudroom is almost done.  just need to hang some pictures and then it’s finally finished!!

have a great day!