A Senior Session||Sneak Peak

I CAN NOT WAIT to show you the rest of this incredible session!

Sneak Peek-3

Sneak Peek-4

Sneak Peek-5

Sneak Peek-6

More to come!


“C” Family||Front Royal, VA Maternity Photographer

I spent an evening with this beautiful family. They are expecting their second daughter any day now. Shannon was absolutely stunning in a red dress and I think together we made a little magic that night.


Cole Family-3

Cole Family-4

Cole Family-6

Cole Family-7

Cole Family-8

Cole Family-10

Cole Family-11

Cole Family-12

Cole Family-13

Cole Family-14

Cole Family-15

Cole Family-16

Cole Family-17

Cole Family-18

Cole Family-19

Cole Family-20

Cole Family-21

Cole Family-22

Cole Family-23

Cole Family-24

Cole Family-25

Cole Family-26

Cole Family-27

Cole Family-28

Cole Family-29

Cole Family-30

Cole Family-31

Cole Family-32

Cole Family-33

Cole Family-35

Cole Family-36

Cole Family-37

Cole Family-38

Cole Family-39

Cole Family-40

Cole Family-41

Cole Family-42

Cole Family-43

Cole Family-44

Cole Family-45

Cole Family-46

Cole Family-47

Cole Family-48

Cole Family-49

Cole Family-50

Cole Family-51

Cole Family-52

Cole Family-55

Cole Family-56

Cole Family-57

Cole Family-58

Cole Family-61

Cole Family-62

Cole Family-63

Cole Family-64

Cole Family-65

Cole Family-66

Cole Family-67

Cole Family-68

Cole Family-69

Cole Family-70

Cole Family-71

Thank you ā€œCā€ Family for a great evening! I hope you enjoy these pictures for a lifetime.

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