Cord + Rachel // Hart’s Desire Wedding Photography

Nothing could dampen Cord and Rachel’s day-not even the rain that fell just as the ceremony started.


Kindall Wedding-1

Kindall Wedding-2

Kindall Wedding-3

Kindall Wedding-4

Kindall Wedding-5

Kindall Wedding-6

Kindall Wedding-7

Kindall Wedding-8

Kindall Wedding-9

Kindall Wedding-10

Kindall Wedding-11

Kindall Wedding-12

Kindall Wedding-13

Kindall Wedding-14

Kindall Wedding-15

Kindall Wedding-16

Kindall Wedding-17

Kindall Wedding-18 Kindall Wedding-19

Kindall Wedding-20

Kindall Wedding-21

Kindall Wedding-22

Kindall Wedding-23

Kindall Wedding-24 Kindall Wedding-25

Kindall Wedding-26

Kindall Wedding-27

Kindall Wedding-28

Kindall Wedding-29

Kindall Wedding-30

Kindall Wedding-31

Kindall Wedding-32

Kindall Wedding-33

Kindall Wedding-34

Kindall Wedding-35

Kindall Wedding-36

Kindall Wedding-37 Kindall Wedding-38

Kindall Wedding-39

Kindall Wedding-40

Kindall Wedding-41

Kindall Wedding-42

Kindall Wedding-43

Kindall Wedding-44

Kindall Wedding-45 Kindall Wedding-46

Kindall Wedding-47

Kindall Wedding-48

Kindall Wedding-49

Kindall Wedding-50 

Kindall Wedding-51

Kindall Wedding-52

Kindall Wedding-53 Kindall Wedding-54

Kindall Wedding-55

Kindall Wedding-56 Kindall Wedding-59

Kindall Wedding-58

Kindall Wedding-60

Kindall Wedding-62

Kindall Wedding-63 Kindall Wedding-64

Kindall Wedding-67

Kindall Wedding-68

Kindall Wedding-69

Kindall Wedding-125

Kindall Wedding-70

Kindall Wedding-71

Kindall Wedding-72

Kindall Wedding-73

Kindall Wedding-74

Kindall Wedding-75

Kindall Wedding-76

Kindall Wedding-77

Kindall Wedding-78

Kindall Wedding-79

Kindall Wedding-80

Kindall Wedding-81

Kindall Wedding-82 Kindall Wedding-83

Kindall Wedding-84

Kindall Wedding-85

Kindall Wedding-86

Kindall Wedding-87

Kindall Wedding-88

Kindall Wedding-89

Kindall Wedding-90.

Kindall Wedding-91

Kindall Wedding-92

Kindall Wedding-93

Kindall Wedding-94

Kindall Wedding-95

Kindall Wedding-97   Kindall Wedding-96

Kindall Wedding-98

Kindall Wedding-99

Kindall Wedding-100 

Kindall Wedding-138

Kindall Wedding-139

Kindall Wedding-140

Kindall Wedding-141

Kindall Wedding-142

Kindall Wedding-143

Kindall Wedding-144 

Kindall Wedding-145

Kindall Wedding-146

Kindall Wedding-101

Kindall Wedding-102 Kindall Wedding-103

Kindall Wedding-104

Kindall Wedding-105

Kindall Wedding-106

Kindall Wedding-107

Kindall Wedding-108

Kindall Wedding-109

Kindall Wedding-110

Kindall Wedding-111

Kindall Wedding-112

Kindall Wedding-113 Kindall Wedding-114

Kindall Wedding-115

Kindall Wedding-116

Kindall Wedding-117

Kindall Wedding-118

Kindall Wedding-119

Kindall Wedding-120

Kindall Wedding-121

Kindall Wedding-122

Kindall Wedding-123

Kindall Wedding-124

Kindall Wedding-126

Kindall Wedding-127

Kindall Wedding-128

Kindall Wedding-129

Kindall Wedding-130

Kindall Wedding-131

Kindall Wedding-148

Kindall Wedding-149

Kindall Wedding-132

Kindall Wedding-133

Kindall Wedding-134

Kindall Wedding-135

Kindall Wedding-136

Kindall Wedding-137 

Congratulations Cord and Rachel! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Noel + Beauge Family // Hart’s Desire Lifestyle Photographer


Instead of the traditional newborn session, Catie and I talked about doing more of a lifestyle session after their sweet baby girl came home.  I love these types of sessions. There are no set expectations, no must-have shots. Just a family being a family and I get to document that. Perfection.

I stopped by Catie and Jason’s home one evening a few weeks ago.  The girls showed me their mad hula hoop skills while Catie showed me her mad cooking skills.  There were also lots of cuddles to be had.

Catie Blog-1

Catie Blog-2

Catie Blog-3

Catie Blog-4

Catie Blog-5 Catie Blog-6

Catie Blog-7

Catie Blog-8

Catie Blog-9

Catie Blog-10

Catie Blog-11

Catie Blog-13

Catie Blog-14

Catie Blog-15

Catie Blog-16

Catie Blog-17

Catie Blog-18

Catie Blog-19 Catie Blog-20

Catie Blog-21 Catie Blog-22

Catie Blog-23

Catie Blog-24

Catie Blog-25 Catie Blog-26

Catie Blog-27

Catie Blog-28

Catie Blog-29

Catie Blog-30

Catie Blog-31 Catie Blog-32

Catie Blog-33

Catie Blog-34

Catie Blog-35

Catie Blog-36

Catie Blog-37

Catie Blog-38

Catie Blog-39

Catie Blog-40

Catie Blog-41

Catie Blog-42

Catie Blog-43

Catie Blog-48

Catie Blog-44 Catie Blog-45

Catie Blog-49

Catie Blog-46 Catie Blog-47

Catie Blog-12

Catie Blog-50 Catie Blog-52

Catie Blog-54

Catie Blog-51 Catie Blog-53

Catie Blog-55 Catie Blog-56

Catie Blog-57

Catie Blog-58

Catie Blog-59

Catie Blog-60

Catie Blog-61

Catie Blog-62.

Catie Blog-63 Catie Blog-65

Catie Blog-64

Catie Blog-66

Catie Blog-67

Catie Blog-68

Catie Blog-69

Catie Blog-70

Catie Blog-71

Catie Blog-72

Catie Blog-73

Catie Blog-74

Catie Blog-75

Catie Blog-76 Catie Blog-85

Catie Blog-86

Catie Blog-77

Catie Blog-78

Catie Blog-79

Catie Blog-80

Catie Blog-81

Catie Blog-82

Catie Blog-84

Catie Blog-83

The Logan Family // Hart’s Desire Family Photographer


What wonderful families I get to work with.  The Logan Family is no different and I think their images speak for themselves. Enjoy!

L Blog-1

L Blog-2

L Blog-3

L Blog-4

L Blog-5 L Blog-6

L Blog-7

L Blog-8

L Blog-9

L Blog-10

L Blog-11

L Blog-12

L Blog-13

L Blog-14

L Blog-15

L Blog-16

L Blog-17

L Blog-18

L Blog-19 L Blog-20

L Blog-21

L Blog-22

L Blog-23

L Blog-24

L Blog-25

L Blog-26 L Blog-27

L Blog-28

L Blog-29

L Blog-30 L Blog-31 L Blog-32

L Blog-33

L Blog-34

L Blog-35 L Blog-36 

L Blog-37

L Blog-38

L Blog-39

L Blog-40 

L Blog-41

L Blog-42

L Blog-43

L Blog-44

L Blog-45

L Blog-46

L Blog-47

L Blog-48

L Blog-49

L Blog-50 L Blog-51

L Blog-52

L Blog-53

L Blog-54

L Blog-55

L Blog-56 L Blog-57

L Blog-58

L Blog-59

L Blog-60

L Blog-61

L Blog-62

L Blog-63

L Blog-64

L Blog-65 L Blog-66

L Blog-67

L Blog-68

L Blog-69

L Blog-70

L Blog-71

L Blog-72

L Blog-73

Thank you Logan Family for another beautiful session!

Old Rag, Madison VA


last weekend we took the morning to hike Old Rag Mountain in Madison, VA. If you are local and looking for a challenging and beautiful hike I would totally recommend this one. The first part of the hike is climbing up, down, and between massive boulders in the mountain. Once we reached the summit we stopped for lunch and then headed back down the mountain which is the majority of the 8.5 mile hike itself.

Old Rag-1

Old Rag-2

Old Rag-3

Old Rag-4

Old Rag-5

Old Rag-6

Old Rag-7

Old Rag-8

Old Rag-9

Old Rag-10

Old Rag-11

Old Rag-12

Old Rag-13

Old Rag-14

Old Rag-15

Old Rag-16

Old Rag-17

Old Rag-18

Old Rag-19

Old Rag-20

Old Rag-21

Old Rag-22

Old Rag-23

Old Rag-24

Old Rag-25 Old Rag-26

Old Rag-27

Old Rag-28

Old Rag-29

Old Rag-30

Old Rag-31

Old Rag-32 

Old Rag-33 Old Rag-34

Old Rag-36

See the R painted on the rock? Those are reference points for the rescue workers. Yeah, it’s that type of hike.

Old Rag-37

Old Rag-38

Old Rag-39

Old Rag-40 

Old Rag-41

Old Rag-42

Old Rag-43

Old Rag-44

Old Rag-45

Old Rag-46

Old Rag-47

Old Rag-48

Old Rag-49

Old Rag-50

Old Rag-51

Old Rag-52

Old Rag-53

Old Rag-54

Old Rag-55

Old Rag-56

Old Rag-57 

Old Rag-58

Old Rag-59

Old Rag-60

Old Rag-61

Old Rag-62

Old Rag-63

Old Rag-64 Old Rag-65

Old Rag-66

Old Rag-67

Old Rag-68 Old Rag-69

Old Rag-70 Old Rag-71

Old Rag-72

Old Rag-73

Old Rag-74

Old Rag-75

Old Rag-76 Old Rag-77

Old Rag-78

Old Rag-79

Old Rag-80 Old Rag-81

Old Rag-82.

Old Rag-83

Old Rag-35

You can find more information about Old Rag here

Cherie | 2014 Senior | Hart’s Desire Senior Photographer


Cherie is a 2014 Senior at Warren County High School. She plans on studying art when she goes to college next year. We drove around to a few different locations for her session and made some art of our own.

Cherie Senior-1

Cherie Senior-2

Cherie Senior-3

Cherie Senior-4

Cherie Senior-5

Cherie Senior-6

Cherie Senior-7

Cherie Senior-8

Cherie Senior-9

Cherie Senior-10

Cherie Senior-11

Cherie Senior-12 

Cherie Senior-13

Cherie Senior-14

Cherie Senior-15

Cherie Senior-16

Cherie Senior-17

Cherie Senior-18

Cherie Senior-19

Cherie Senior-20

Cherie Senior-21

Cherie Senior-22

Cherie Senior-23

Cherie Senior-24

Cherie Senior-25

Cherie Senior-26

Cherie Senior-27

Cherie Senior-28

Cherie Senior-29

Cherie Senior-30

Cherie Senior-31

Cherie Senior-32

Cherie Senior-33

Cherie Senior-34

Cherie Senior-35

Cherie Senior-36

Cherie Senior-37

Congratulations Cherie! I wish you nothing but fun memories as you finish up your high school career. You have a bright future ahead of you!