Before/After {The Guest Bedroom}

so i mentioned on Friday that we were expecting company this past weekend and the bedroom they were going to be staying in looked like this~

This is the bedroom that no one ever sees…until now…

the one where the door is ALWAYS shut…

the one where we tend to DUMP…

the plan was to freshen up the room using only things i had around the house.  i sort of started to collect flower still life paintings.  some i’ve bought at the dollar store just to fill the walls when we first bought our house, while others were painted by my Grandma. i’ve always wanted to do a big collage wall of them but wasn’t sure i could live with it and look at it every day.  i thought this room might be a good place to try it since it’s not a room we visit everyday.

this is the after~

the quilters hoops were taken out of little man’s room.  i’m trying to transition his room to a big boy room so these were definitely going to have to go.  nothing say’s “i’m a big boy now” like grandma’s quilters hoops!

and have i mentioned how much i miss my lens to my DSLR? I have? oh sorry…well i miss my lens! these pictures are just terrible…

ok. back on track. here’s more of the room~

This is the display of odds and ends on a cabinet

and that’s it!  one of these day’s i’d like to paint the room and do a few other things like replace the little light fixture. but it will just have to get added to the long list of other things that need to get done.

has anyone else tackled a before and after using only things you had on hand?  please share, i’d love to see!




I was at my local Target over the weekend and they have a lot of their summer sandals on supper clearance! I picked up 3 new pairs for under $5 a piece!

Adventures in Yard Saleing

good morning!

i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and tried to make the most of the heat and humidity!

i think i’m going to take a small hiatus from yard sales for a few weeks in preparation for the Route 11 Yard Crawl.  if you are in the Shenandoah Valley you should really check it out.  you can typically find just about anything you are looking for. word to the wise~this is yard sales to the EXTREME! this day is not for the faint at heart. if you are up for it i hope to see you there!

i still have a few projects i need to start working on that include~

so in order to make room for the new projects that are inevitable after the yard crawl i’ll need to take a break and save my money for the new treasures!

i leave you today with a picture of my hydrangeas beacuse what’a blog post with out some kind of eye candy?!

Beating the Heat {yogurt popcicles}

i know most of the country has been in this heat wave for a while now.  we just got that heat wave here in Virginia this week.  we are lucky. we are suffering this week but we’ve been lucky so far this year.

i wanted to share a quick way you can beat the heat this weekend.  it’s also a great project for older kids to help with!

my son LOVES ice cream {i wonder where he gets it from:)}  and he loves popcicles.  But i don’t like the extra sugar, preservatives, and food dyes that can be found in some store bought popcicles.  so i make my own.  you can use several variations to this method but on this particular day i used yogurt, OJ, and fruit i happended to have on hand. that’s it!  my son literally cried the other week because he saw the popcicle mold in the cabinet and it was empty!

now he is a happy boy!



ps~ on a side note, we have company staying with us this weekend and this was the room i had to get ready this week~

i’m not sure there are words to discribe this dumping ground. but i managed to make it look half way decent using only things i already had. i’ll share more next week…cruel..i know. 

have a great weekend!



my plan to grow mini pumpkins up the side of my shed is coming along…

i forgot i also planted a variety of gourds until this little guy started growing

i also saw this beauty hiding among the leaves

did i mention i had a mystery bush that started growing? i knew it wasn’t a weed when it started sprouting, but i also knew i didn’t plant it.  i figured it would tell me sooner or later what it was.

well i’m happy to see they are mini white pumpkins!!!  i love these little guys!  i can’t wait to decorate for fall with them.

one of my dreams is to grow all kinds of pumpkins and have all our family and friends  over for a huge pumpkin carving party.  i might have to try that next year…

I also finished staining the new fence we put in to conceal our AC units and trashcans.  you can also see to the left a wild cucumber plant that has about a million flowers but no cucumbers yet!

has anyone else had a random plant come up in their garden this season?  has it told you what it is yet?

Have a wonderful day!


Adventures in Yard Saleing Part 2

Saturday was just ridiculous in the finds department!  we actually had to stop by the house to drop off a load so we had enough room in the car for more! crazy.  here is what the car looked like when we got back home~

and my pile~

a new stroller with all-terrain wheels to replace my other 2 strollers, several articles of clothing including a pair of Mark Jacobs pants, DKNY shorts, a crochet blanket, a small handmade quilt, several boys articles of clothing for this winter, tablecloth for an upcoming project, foam mat for camping, and a toddler bed that will actually act as a dog bed.  i feel like i’m missing something but you get the point…

new bar stools for the kitchen island.  now, it’s not my ideal bar stool. but for $5 for the set i’ll make do until the perfect ones come along…

brand new curtain rods so i now have no excuse not to get new curtains up in the kitchen!

my son with went me and he was such a trooper. he got out at each stop and even managed to score some ‘treasures’ for himself.  he told me that morning that yard sales are his favorite!  i guess i’m doing something right!

everything has been washed and for the most part is ready to go. we’ll use the bar stools as-is until i get a chance to make them over.  does anyone have any suggestions??  i’m leaning towards something but i would love to here your thoughts!

have a fantastic day!


Adventures in Yard Saleing Part 1

i was starting to go through withdraws because i hadn’t been to a yard sale in probably a month, maybe even longer.  we’ve been busy around the house lately.  and i really wanted to concentrate on getting our yard back in respectable shape this year before it gets to hot to be outside so that’s been priorty around here.  well, i was able to squeeze in a few hours over the weekend to catch a few yard sales and boy oh boy did it feel great!  i really hit the jackpot this weekend.  it’s too much to even share in one post so this will be a two-part post today!

let’s start with Friday.  yes! i was able to get to a few yard sales on Friday.  Here is the loot~

I picked up several frames in different sizes and shapes for a collage wall i’m currently working on, a grapevine ball, basket, pink canister i’ll paint and use as a daily food scrap bin for items destined to the compost bin at the end of the day, a white painted larger frame, a spring blazer, shirt, a bird cage, and a ceramic peacock.

I also got this picture frame that i’m really hopping will fit an oil painting i already have in the den.

i have big plans for the bird cage. hopefully i can get to it soon!

i’ve already cleaned up the peacock and it has a new home~

this guy looks like he was originally painted with traditional peacock colors and the eyes of the feathers were decorated with little gems.  someone painted over him with white paint but what i like most is that some of the original color has started to chip through.

ps~ did anyone else notice the bell?  i’m hoping this will be it’s final foster home.  now that the kitchen island is finished it should get it’s final home soon!

Stay tuned for Part 2!


Sadly, my Cannon Zoom Lens didn’t make it through the tragedy that struck today.  I learned a valuable lesson~never leave my camera unattended on hubby’s Jeep.  It won’t enjoy that ride down the highway!  if anything this should be a post for the quality of Cannon products.  My favorite lens that i use for most of my blog pictures as well as 90% of my personal pictures is unrepairable but the body made it through with a few minor scraps and a few dings.  if it were a piece of furniture i would say it only adds character; but i’m having a hard time saying that about my favorite tool!

i’m going to apologize now for the crummy quality of photos that maybe showing up on here for a while until i can save my pennies for a new lens.  i knew it was time to upgrade but i didn’t want to have to do it this way!  Luckily, i had already taken my pictures for Monday’s Adventures in Yard-saling post so all is well i guess. The body is still in good shape and nothing else was damaged.  it could’ve been worse.

i hope everyone else is having a great weekend! mine is great so far so i refuse to let this get me down!

See you Monday…



Thank you Design*Sponge for featuring our Kitchen Island today!  I feel honored! You totally made my day week month!!  Wow!

I’m new to the blog world so if you’re here for the first time feel free to look around and let me know if you have any questions!

if you would like to see the original kitchen island post just click here