Adventures in Yard Sale-ing

to kick off this year’s yard sale season, i worked my team’s Relay for Life yard sale.  i came home with a few treasures. this caught my eye first thing:

then i opened it

it was like finding a little treasure chest

these are going to be gorgeous displayed this Christmas

i also came home with a few pieces of clothing to refashion and a few miscellaneous pieces of linen with no intended purpose at the moment.

little man loved his tractor pictures, the mats and oak frames aren’t my style so they will be getting a makeover soon enough

i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Memorial Day

To all the past, present, and future Military Personnel

We thank you for the sacrifices you and your family make Every. Single. Day to protect the freedoms and lives we are blessed to have in this great and beautiful country that we are able to call home.



DIY {hanging jar}

Here is an easy DIY that anyone can do. I completed mine in 5 min and that was with a little person ‘helping’ me.

Here’s what You need:

1. A jar of any style~ I used a vintage canning jar but any will work as long as it has a lip for the wire to suspend from

2. Some wire~ I used 18 gauge copper wire that I have on hand. You can find some at the hardware store

3. Wire clippers

The basic steps:

1. Cut two lengths of wire. One for your desired hanging length; {remember to double this measurement since the wire will essentially be halved once you bend the wire} this is what your jar will hang from. The second needs to be long enough to wrap around the neck of your jar with about 1-1 1/2″ extra to secure it.

*Don’t worry about cutting too much, you can always snip off what you don’t need. It’s better to cut too much in the beginning than not enough to start with.

2. Take your shorter wire and wrap it around the neck of the jar. Secure it in place by twisting the two end pieces together.

3. Take your longer wire and fish it under the wire around the neck. It might be easier to bend the end of the wire up first like a hook *pun intended* and then pull it up under the neck wire. Secure the wire by bending it on itself. Repeat on the other side. Adjust each wire so they are evenly spaced. And your done!

I’m using mine as a vase in our mudroom/bathroom but you could make these into candle holders, toiletry holders, or anything else. I also LOVE the idea of lots of these little guys in all shapes and sizes hanging in my tree lit up at night. Wouldn’t that be magical?!

These could also be a great decor item for your holiday party this weekend. Anyone having a BBQ or get together this weekend?


Good morning!

i just wanted to share a few photos i took yesterday.  my peonies finally bloomed and i decided to enjoy them indoors this year. remember this post from a few days ago?  while outside i picked a few other flowers and leaves to make a few more arrangements .

I put a few of the flowers and leaves in my vintage Pepsi crate that is currently home to a few house plant stems that i’m trying to root:

I love the delicateness of the rose against the wood and metal:

I stuck a few in a vase by my kitchen sink to enjoy

**on a side note. did you see the bell in the background of one of these pictures? yeah. this one~

I think we may have to start playing a game of where’s waldo the bell because i have a feeling he may be popping up in pictures from time to time until he’s finds his place in the world.  he sits on my table as a little reminder not to forget about him.

10 points to those that spotted the bell in the beginning…redeemable for nothing except bragging rights…

have a fabulous day!!


Apron Refashion

I love Anthropologie. I love everything about it.  i love the clothes, the furniture, the accessories and the displays! that store never disappoints in their displays.  i get so inspired just walking in to one of their stores.  it makes me miss my merchandising days…

the whole idea that everything they sell has been curated over a long period of time, and everything just works together is what i love and what i try to achieve in my style. Unfortunately, i can’t afford much from there.  so i have to get creative; one way is to use the inspiration i get from them in my refashions.

here is an apron from anthro. sorry-no link.  it’s discontinued on their website.

i went to a local Salvation Army and found these two pieces:

I think each piece might have been $3 a pop

not exact- but pretty darn close. the skirt already came with a belt which i was able to attach to the shirt to tie behind my neck.  i separated the front from the back of the shirt and skirt, cut straight across the top front of the shirt,  used a seam ripper to detach the bottom piece from the skirt and re-attached it to the waist, pinned it all in place, and sewed it up. this is how it turned out:

here’s a better shot so you don’t have to scroll up and down to get the affect:

not bad, huh? i know it’s not perfect and it never could be, but i’m pretty happy with it!