Airynee + Chris |Hart’s Desire Engagement Photography| Upperville, VA Couples Photographer

If you follow me on Facebook then you’ve seen these two blow up your time lines.  They were amazing to work with.  Their chosen location, Ayrshire Farm was a photographers dream. I could shoot there every day.  The location was appropriate as it was where they first met.  I can’t wait for their September wedding!

A C blog-1

A C blog-2

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Strawberry Time| Hart’s Desire Lifestyle Photography

Strawberry season doesn’t last long enough around Virginia. We took full advantage of the beautiful weather to get out and enjoy the season.

J Family-1

J Family-2

J Family-3

J Family-4

J Family-5

J Family-6

J Family-7

J Family-8 J Family-9

J Family-10

J Family-11

J Family-12

J Family-13

J Family-14

J Family-15

J Family-16

J Family-17

J Family-18

J Family-19

J Family-20

J Family-21

J Family-22

J Family-23

J Family-24

J Family-25

J Family-26

J Family-27

J Family-28

J Family-29

J Family-30

J Family-31

J Family-32

J Family-33

J Family-34

J Family-35

J Family-37

J Family-38

J Family-39

J Family-40

J Family-41

J Family-42

J Family-36