The Broadhead Family

Repeat clients. They are the best.  We decided to do part of this session at Glen Manor Vineyards in Browntown, VA.  I can’t wait to go back to do a tasting. The views are to.die.for.

B Boys, Blog-32

The grapes are on top of that open field, just above the sun shade in this picture:

B Boys, Blog

This family. These boys. Both had recent birthdays.

B Boys, Blog-2

B Boys, Blog-3

B Boys, Blog-4 B Boys, Blog-5

B Boys, Blog-6

B Boys, Blog-7

B Boys, Blog-8

This image is such a great representation of this time in their lives. Running in opposite directions.

B Boys, Blog-9

B Boys, Blog-10 B Boys, Blog-11

B Boys, Blog-12

B Boys, Blog-13

B Boys, Blog-14

B Boys, Blog-15

B Boys, Blog-16

B Boys, Blog-17

B Boys, Blog-18

B Boys, Blog-19

B Boys, Blog-20

B Boys, Blog-21 B Boys, Blog-24

B Boys, Blog-25

B Boys, Blog-22

B Boys, Blog-23

B Boys, Blog-26 B Boys, Blog-27

B Boys, Blog-28

B Boys, Blog-29 B Boys, Blog-30

B Boys, Blog-31

B Boys, Blog-33

B Boys, Blog-34

B Boys, Blog-36

B Boys, Blog-37

B Boys, Blog-38 B Boys, Blog-39

B Boys, Blog-40

B Boys, Blog-41

B Boys, Blog-42

B Boys, Blog-43

B Boys, Blog-44

B Boys, Blog-45 B Boys, Blog-46

B Boys, Blog-47


Clem Family| Hart’s Desire Children’s Photographer| Rappahannock County, VA


Cousins. I had so much fun with these guys. We had to reschedule this session 3 different times for various reasons but I think it all was for the best in the end. 

We got to play with bubbles, run in fields, and lay in the grass. Oh, and I’m slightly obsessed with the girls hair.

C Family Blog

C Family Blog-2

C Family Blog-3

C Family Blog-4 C Family Blog-5 

C Family Blog-7

C Family Blog-8

C Family Blog-9

C Family Blog-10

C Family Blog-11

C Family Blog-12

C Family Blog-13

C Family Blog-14 C Family Blog-15

C Family Blog-16

C Family Blog-17

C Family Blog-18

C Family Blog-19

C Family Blog-20

C Family Blog-21

C Family Blog-22

C Family Blog-23

C Family Blog-24

C Family Blog-25

C Family Blog-26

C Family Blog-27

C Family Blog-28

C Family Blog-29

C Family Blog-30

C Family Blog-31

C Family Blog-32 C Family Blog-33

C Family Blog-34

oh the freckles and lashes

C Family Blog-35

C Family Blog-36

C Family Blog-37

C Family Blog-38

C Family Blog-39 C Family Blog-40

C Family Blog-41

C Family Blog-42

C Family Blog-43

C Family Blog-44

C Family Blog-45

Megan//2014 High School Senior//Hart’s Desire Senior Photography

Congratulations to Megan; a recent 2014 graduate. I wish you nothing but happiness and success in this new chapter of your life!

Megan A-1

Megan A-2

Megan A-3

Megan A-4

Megan A-5

Megan A-6

Megan A-7

Megan A-8

Megan A-9

Megan A-10

Megan A-11

Megan A-12

Megan A-13

Megan A-14

Megan A-15

Megan A-16

Megan A-17