Airynee + Chris |Hart’s Desire Engagement Photography| Upperville, VA Couples Photographer

If you follow me on Facebook then you’ve seen these two blow up your time lines.  They were amazing to work with.  Their chosen location, Ayrshire Farm was a photographers dream. I could shoot there every day.  The location was appropriate as it was where they first met.  I can’t wait for their September wedding!

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John + Sam Engaged |Manassas, VA Couples Photographer, Hart’s Desire Photography


It was a cold afternoon when I met John and Sam for their session. It had been snowing off and on all morning. These two handled the cold like rock stars and it totally shows in these shots. Enjoy!

J & S blog-32

J & S blog-1

J & S blog-2

J & S blog-3

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J & S blog-9

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J & S blog-13

J & S blog-14


J & S blog-15

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J & S blog-17

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J & S blog-22J & S blog-23

J & S blog-24

J & S blog-25

J & S blog-26

J & S blog-28

J & S blog-29

J & S blog-30

J & S blog-31

J & S blog-33

J & S blog-34

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