The Broadhead Family| Hart’s Desire Documentary Photographer

This family. Oh my goodness this family. I always look forward to their sessions and this past fall was nothing short of amazing. They live in the most beautiful place in the county; among mountains, streams, and the most gorgeous fall color you ever laid eyes on.  Enjoy!




Brightwell| Hart’s Desire Family Documentary Photographer

Oh how I love this little family. I’ve documented baby B’s parents engagement and then wedding. Watching and documenting their family grow from 2 to now 3 has been such a blessing. THIS is why I’m only offering in-home documentary photography for families in 2016. Documenting your REAL life, real connections, real emotions. Because REAL IS BEAUTIFUL.  You feel most comfortable in your own home so it feels only natural to document you where are you most comfortable.

D Family-1D Family-2D Family-13

D Family-6

D Family-7

D Family-8

D Family-3

D Family-48

D Family-16

D Family-17D Family-5

D Family-10

D Family-4

D Family-12

D Family-11D Family-21D Family-14

D Family-15

D Family-19

D Family-42

D Family-46D Family-44

D Family-43

D Family-47

D Family-45

D Family-20

D Family-18

D Family-51

D Family-53

D Family-9D Family-22

D Family-25

D Family-23

D Family-24

D Family-27

D Family-28

D Family-26

D Family-31D Family-33

D Family-34

D Family-38

D Family-40

D Family-30

D Family-29

D Family-41

D Family-35D Family-32

D Family-36

D Family-39D Family-52D Family-50

D Family-49

Book Your Session Now!

In an attempt to keep a balance in life and to help me grow as an artist, I’ve decided to limit the number of days I am open for sessions.  I work full-time in addition to photography and enjoy MANY extra curricular activities that all helps keep the creative juices flowing and I’ve learned over the last year that the balance is key to keeping me inspired. As of right now, I don’t have a set schedule, I will be making it up as I go as my family is #1 and it has to work around them. 

My next scheduled session dates are June 6 & 7.  If you have been thinking of scheduling a session with me; I would encourage you to do it now as I’m thinking this will be it until the weather starts to cool in the fall.

I am willing to travel a bit on these dates in an effort to keep everyone’s sessions unique to their families and personalities.

These dates are open to just about everyone: families, seniors, children, couples, and I might be able to squeeze in a boudoir session as well!

Thanks to all my existing clients and to those new who have stuck with me during this transition. I do believe that this new schedule will help me to grow as an artist in new avenues that I wish to explore and will also benefit my clients in their authentic images I am able to capture for them.

*if these June dates don’t work for your and/or you are interested in booking in the fall please be sure to send me an email at and to like my Facebook page as I will open my book up to those individuals first before I announce it on Facebook. 


Broadhead boys-22

Airynee + Chris |Hart’s Desire Engagement Photography| Upperville, VA Couples Photographer

If you follow me on Facebook then you’ve seen these two blow up your time lines.  They were amazing to work with.  Their chosen location, Ayrshire Farm was a photographers dream. I could shoot there every day.  The location was appropriate as it was where they first met.  I can’t wait for their September wedding!

A C blog-1

A C blog-2

A C blog-3

A C blog-4

A C blog-5

A C blog-6

A C blog-7

A C blog-8

A C blog-9

A C blog-10

A C blog-11

A C blog-12

A C blog-13

A C blog-14

A C blog-15

A C blog-16

A C blog-17

A C blog-18

A C blog-19

A C blog-20

A C blog-21

A C blog-22

A C blog-23

A C blog-24

A C blog-25

A C blog-26

A C blog-27

A C blog-28

A C blog-29

A C blog-30

A C blog-31

A C blog-32

A C blog-33

A C blog-34

A C blog-35

A C blog-36

A C blog-37

A C blog-38

A C blog-39

A C blog-40

A C blog-41

A C blog-42

A C blog-43

A C blog-44

A C blog-45

A C blog-46

Ruger Family // Hart’s Desire Family Photography

Beautiful weather, you-pick apples, and a pumpkin patch. What could be better for a summer/almost fall session?

I’m so lucky to have clients that come back year after year for their family pictures. And this family never disappoints. Lori and I have known each other for years, we went to college together and our oldest kids are only months apart. We make the afternoon of their session. Taking pictures and then our families go out to eat together afterwards. I’m so blessed that photography has brought us back together after years without seeing each other.


For any locals looking for a great place to take the family this fall season. I HIGHLY recommend Hartland Orchard and Farm. We did this session at the orchard. They have a ton of you-pick fruits and veggies and the views are amazing. The farm is open in the fall with lots of activities for the kids.

Ruger, Blog-1

Ruger, Blog-2

Ruger, Blog-3

Ruger, Blog-4

Ruger, Blog-5

Ruger, Blog-6

Ruger, Blog-7

Ruger, Blog-8

Ruger, Blog-9 Ruger, Blog-10

Ruger, Blog-11

Ruger, Blog-12 Ruger, Blog-13

Ruger, Blog-14

Ruger, Blog-15 Ruger, Blog-16 Ruger, Blog-17

Ruger, Blog-18

Ruger, Blog-19

Ruger, Blog-20

Ruger, Blog-21

Ruger, Blog-22

Ruger, Blog-23 Ruger, Blog-24

Ruger, Blog-25

Ruger, Blog-26

Ruger, Blog-27

Ruger, Blog-28

Ruger, Blog-29

Ruger, Blog-31

Ruger, Blog-30Ruger, Blog-32

Ruger, Blog-33

Ruger, Blog-34

Ruger, Blog-35

Ruger, Blog-36

Ruger, Blog-37

Ruger, Blog-38 Ruger, Blog-39

Ruger, Blog-40 

Ruger, Blog-41

Ruger, Blog-42

Ruger, Blog-43

Ruger, Blog-44 Ruger, Blog-45

Ruger, Blog-46 Ruger, Blog-47

 Ruger, Blog-48

Ruger, Blog-49

 Ruger, Blog-50

Ruger, Blog-51 Ruger, Blog-52 

Ruger, Blog-59

Ruger, Blog-53

Ruger, Blog-54

Ruger, Blog-56

Ruger, Blog-57

Ruger, Blog-58

Ruger, Blog-55

Thanks Ruger family for another great session!

The Peacock Family// Hart’s Desire Family Photography

Not much to say about this adorable family except they are awesome! We had a great time playing in the yard and taking pictures. Even their dog, Clyde had a good time!


Peacock Blog-1

Peacock Blog-2 Peacock Blog-3

Peacock Blog-4

Peacock Blog-5

Peacock Blog-6

Peacock Blog-7

Peacock Blog-8 Peacock Blog-9

 Peacock Blog-10

Peacock Blog-11

This girl

Peacock Blog-12

Peacock Blog-13

Peacock Blog-14

Peacock Blog-15

Peacock Blog-16 Peacock Blog-17

Peacock Blog-19

Peacock Blog-20

Peacock Blog-21  Peacock Blog-22

Peacock Blog-23

Peacock Blog-24

Peacock Blog-25 Peacock Blog-26

Peacock Blog-27 Peacock Blog-28

 Peacock Blog-29

Peacock Blog-30

Peacock Blog-31

Peacock Blog-32

Peacock Blog-33 Peacock Blog-34

Peacock Blog-35

Peacock Blog-36

Peacock Blog-37 Peacock Blog-38

Peacock Blog-39

Peacock Blog-40

Peacock Blog-41

Peacock Blog-42

Peacock Blog-43

Peacock Blog-44

Peacock Blog-45

Peacock Blog-46


Thanks Peacock Family for a great time. I can’t wait to do it again!

A New Addition


A new addition to this already wonderful family. I thought any moment, momma might go into labor with all the walking we did during this session!  I can’t wait to meet their new little bundle that came the week after this session. 



































Noel-36 Noel-37