A New Addition


A new addition to this already wonderful family. I thought any moment, momma might go into labor with all the walking we did during this session!  I can’t wait to meet their new little bundle that came the week after this session. 



































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A Taste

Just a little taste of what I’ve been working on this week. I’ve got 3 sessions scheduled this weekend. I’ve got a lot of work to do in the coming weeks before vacation where I vow to shut off all technology and outside communication and RELAX for one straight week! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

It’s the Route 11 Yard Crawl tomorrow for any of you local bargain hunters AND don’t forget Riverfest is tomorrow where you can meet John and see more of his work in person!

K Senior-7



John Urbanski | A Call to Artists Project


I am so excited to finally be sharing these images.  When I put the Call to Artist’s on the blog I wasn’t expecting the abundance of talented artists to contact me. This is just the beginning of this project and what a great way to start it off!


Meet John:

J, Urbanski-43


He is an amazingly talented self-taught sculptor. We met up at his house and he let me photograph him in his element, working on a new piece of work. I really enjoyed our time together talking about the creative process and life in general.  His passion for his art oozes out of him and his work.



J, Urbanski-1

J, Urbanski-2

J, Urbanski-3


Q:  Tell us a little about yourself.  How long have you been creating? What prompted it?


A:  “I am 25, have been sculpting for two years, have no formal training, and before i ever made a sculpture I had no desire to be an artist my mindset was that it would be fucking awesome if I COULD be talented that way( i just wasn’t) until i found myself at work one day fabricating some handrails and shooting the shit with my co workers. I had been removing a strand of crimped wire from every panel of this handrail to get them to fit up right and thought to save the strands and stack’em in the corner. I thought about the weekend i had just spent driving my grandfather around helping him to get some errands crossed off his ever growing list, we had been through strasburg during a town festival and with people everywhere were puttsing down main street in his car. stopped at a red light i noticed this girl, who had just noticed her boyfriend across the intersection, he was standing there with one hand behind his back and the other waving to her. she gets the sign to cross and off like a rocket she goes towards him. about half way across her hair is being. . . I dont know “blown back” and her dress is too she looks awesome 🙂 sooo anyway half way across the street and her boyfriend blown away by her beauty and presence begins to pull his hand from behind his back, shes just a few feet away and BAM fresh picked flowers!!! she stops short of him and her expression of joy turns to eyes full of love and a smile sooooo big it was . . .  really special for them, and for me. so here i am at work and i remember all this in a flash and i said to myself “SELF, we should build a little sculpture of that moment.” and so we did and it was sooooooo simple, just stick figures and a single flower, the emotion was there though and after that i was hooked i knew then that i wanted to make more and so i have.”

J, Urbanski-4

J, Urbanski-5

J, Urbanski-6

J, Urbanski-7 

J, Urbanski-8

J, Urbanski-9

J, Urbanski-10

J, Urbanski-11

J, Urbanski-12


Q:  What are your favorite subjects to sculpt?

A:  “I have made as many memories as I can think of, I have made sculptures of times in my life, activities like swimming, canoeing, surfing, fishing, all in an effort to create and not just to sell. the idea being that every sculpture i make is original i have yet to make a duplicate or two of the same moment. Every sculpture is for me more of a challenge than the last, I add moving pieces, glass, I make them smaller and more intricate, or now as of the last year I am challenging myself by crafting life size pieces.”


J, Urbanski-13

J, Urbanski-14

J, Urbanski-15

J, Urbanski-16

J, Urbanski-17

J, Urbanski-18

J, Urbanski-19

J, Urbanski-20



Q.  Where do you draw inspiration from?

A. “I draw inspiration from the act of working a sculpture, from the very first one i knew i would build another and what it would resemble. it has been that way with everyone since by the time i get going with one idea i see in my mind another concept or scene and i  explore it in my mind and if it excites me i add to my list.”


J, Urbanski-21

J, Urbanski-22

J, Urbanski-23

J, Urbanski-24

J, Urbanski-25

J, Urbanski-26

J, Urbanski-27

J, Urbanski-28

J, Urbanski-29

J, Urbanski-30

J, Urbanski-31

J, Urbanski-32

J, Urbanski-33

J, Urbanski-34

J, Urbanski-35


Q. Where can we find more of your work?

A.  “I am currently having a website designed to display my sculpture it should be up and running by the end of august, for now you can find me on gatheredshop.com it is an awesome little shop on main street in front royal va and she has been kind enough to display my work in her shop and online.”


J, Urbanski-36

J, Urbanski-37

J, Urbanski-38

J, Urbanski-39

J, Urbanski-66

J, Urbanski-40

J, Urbanski-41

J, Urbanski-42

J, Urbanski-44

J, Urbanski-45

J, Urbanski-46

J, Urbanski-47

J, Urbanski-48

J, Urbanski-49 

J, Urbanski-50

J, Urbanski-52

J, Urbanski-53


You can meet John and see more of his work August 10th, at Riverfest, which will be held at the River State Park in Bentonville, VA.


J, Urbanski-56



J, Urbanski-60

J, Urbanski-61

J, Urbanski-62

J, Urbanski-63

J, Urbanski-64

J, Urbanski-65