“R” Family :: Front Royal Family Photographer

I haven’t seen Lori since we graduated college, dare I say, almost 10 years ago. So I was thrilled when I got an email from her wanting to get together for a visit and take some family pictures while they were in town. It was great reconnecting with her and I can’t wait until we can get together again-this time it will be sooner than 10 years!


Ruger Family-Blog-1

Ruger Family-Blog-2

Ruger Family-Blog-3

Ruger Family-Blog-4

Ruger Family-Blog-5

Ruger Family-Blog-6

Ruger Family-Blog-7

Ruger Family-Blog-8

Ruger Family-Blog-9

Ruger Family-Blog-10

Ruger Family-Blog-11

My favorite:

Ruger Family-Blog-12

Ruger Family-Blog-13

Ruger Family-Blog-14

Ruger Family-Blog-15

Ruger Family-Blog-16

Ruger Family-Blog-17

Ruger Family-Blog-18

Ruger Family-Blog-19

Ruger Family-Blog-20

Ruger Family-Blog-21

Second favorite image:

Ruger Family-Blog-23

Black & white version

Ruger Family-Blog-22


Thank you “R” family for a great visit and session! Hope to do it soon!

If you would like to book a session with me please email me at hartsdesire@hotmail.com


Allie| Front Royal Senior Photographer


Allie will be a Senior this year at Warren Co High School. She is a smart, talented, and beautiful young woman. We spent some time a few weeks ago walking down Main Street using the beautiful older buildings for the setting of these photos.

-A- Senior-Blog-1

-A- Senior-Blog-2

-A- Senior-Blog-3

-A- Senior-Blog-4

-A- Senior-Blog-5

-A- Senior-Blog-6

-A- Senior-Blog-7

-A- Senior-Blog-8

-A- Senior-Blog-9

-A- Senior-Blog-10

-A- Senior-Blog-11

-A- Senior-Blog-12

-A- Senior-Blog-13

-A- Senior-Blog-14

-A- Senior-Blog-15

-A- Senior-Blog-16

-A- Senior-Blog-17

-A- Senior-Blog-18

-A- Senior-Blog-19

-A- Senior-Blog-20

-A- Senior-Blog-21

-A- Senior-Blog-22

-A- Senior-Blog-23

-A- Senior-Blog-24

Thanks Allie for a great shoot!  And good luck with your Senior year! It’s a whirlwind of a year that will go by so fast, enjoy every second of it!

If you are interested in booking your Senior session with me, shoot me an email at hartsdesire@hotmail.com

“P” Family|Front Royal Family Photography

What do you get when you combine, fun parents, cute kids, a barn, and a guitar?

An awesome evening for pictures. That’s what.P Family-Blog-100

P Family-Blog-101

P Family-Blog-102

P Family-Blog-103

P Family-Blog-104

P Family-Blog-105

P Family-Blog-106

P Family-Blog-107

P Family-Blog-108

P Family-Blog-109

P Family-Blog-110

P Family-Blog-111

P Family-Blog-112

P Family-Blog-113

P Family-Blog-114

P Family-Blog-115

P Family-Blog-116

P Family-Blog-117

P Family-Blog-118

P Family-Blog-119

P Family-Blog-120

P Family-Blog-121

P Family-Blog-122

P Family-Blog-123

P Family-Blog-124

P Family-Blog-125

P Family-Blog-126

P Family-Blog-127

P Family-Blog-128

P Family-Blog-129


Thank you “P” family for spending a HOT evening with me. Even if we did get chased off by security and almost become target practice for the neighbors.  I think it was totally worth it!

If you are interested in booking your photography session with me, email me at hartsdesire@hotmail.com