Princess’ in the Woods

As a documentary photographer, I prefer to shoot my clients in familiar settings-primarily their home. However, a location that is near and dear to their heart is great too. On family land, chasing their dogs among open fields, cows, a creek, and mountains. Playing in the tree house in the middle of the woods that the family used for hunting trips and games of hide and seek.



The Broadhead Family| Hart’s Desire Documentary Photographer

This family. Oh my goodness this family. I always look forward to their sessions and this past fall was nothing short of amazing. They live in the most beautiful place in the county; among mountains, streams, and the most gorgeous fall color you ever laid eyes on.  Enjoy!



Brightwell| Hart’s Desire Family Documentary Photographer

Oh how I love this little family. I’ve documented baby B’s parents engagement and then wedding. Watching and documenting their family grow from 2 to now 3 has been such a blessing. THIS is why I’m only offering in-home documentary photography for families in 2016. Documenting your REAL life, real connections, real emotions. Because REAL IS BEAUTIFUL.  You feel most comfortable in your own home so it feels only natural to document you where are you most comfortable.

D Family-1D Family-2D Family-13

D Family-6

D Family-7

D Family-8

D Family-3

D Family-48

D Family-16

D Family-17D Family-5

D Family-10

D Family-4

D Family-12

D Family-11D Family-21D Family-14

D Family-15

D Family-19

D Family-42

D Family-46D Family-44

D Family-43

D Family-47

D Family-45

D Family-20

D Family-18

D Family-51

D Family-53

D Family-9D Family-22

D Family-25

D Family-23

D Family-24

D Family-27

D Family-28

D Family-26

D Family-31D Family-33

D Family-34

D Family-38

D Family-40

D Family-30

D Family-29

D Family-41

D Family-35D Family-32

D Family-36

D Family-39D Family-52D Family-50

D Family-49

The Ruger Family| An Intro Into Documentary Photography

I’ll be posting all of my recent sessions over the next few weeks in addition to a wedding and a personal trip.  First up is the Ruger Family. I love this family so much. I went to college with Lori and have been photographing their growing family for 4 years now! I just love watching the girls grow, and they love to pose for my camera!

I’ve been moving towards an in-home documentary approach to my family sessions this year. If you’ve ever had a session with me, you know I’m very laid back in my approach with little to no posing during a session. In these documentary sessions, there is NO posing. Just me, in your home, documenting your family during this season of life. Not every image is technically ‘perfect’ but every image is perfectly you. Real. Genuine. Beautiful. Life isn’t always pretty. Sometimes is chaotic, and messy; with toys everywhere, laundry piled up, or dishes in the sink. But that’s life. That’s real. And I want to tell your family story. I want to capture your real; because real is beautiful.

Strawberry Time| Hart’s Desire Lifestyle Photography

Strawberry season doesn’t last long enough around Virginia. We took full advantage of the beautiful weather to get out and enjoy the season.

J Family-1

J Family-2

J Family-3

J Family-4

J Family-5

J Family-6

J Family-7

J Family-8 J Family-9

J Family-10

J Family-11

J Family-12

J Family-13

J Family-14

J Family-15

J Family-16

J Family-17

J Family-18

J Family-19

J Family-20

J Family-21

J Family-22

J Family-23

J Family-24

J Family-25

J Family-26

J Family-27

J Family-28

J Family-29

J Family-30

J Family-31

J Family-32

J Family-33

J Family-34

J Family-35

J Family-37

J Family-38

J Family-39

J Family-40

J Family-41

J Family-42

J Family-36

“M” Family| Front Royal VA Family Photographer

I met up with this fun family the other weekend for some family fun in the park. Check out their session below!









Mother and Daughter love!











Thanks “M” family for a great evening session!

If you would like to work with me to create your unique family session email me!

Have a great day!


“R” Family :: Front Royal Family Photographer

I haven’t seen Lori since we graduated college, dare I say, almost 10 years ago. So I was thrilled when I got an email from her wanting to get together for a visit and take some family pictures while they were in town. It was great reconnecting with her and I can’t wait until we can get together again-this time it will be sooner than 10 years!


Ruger Family-Blog-1

Ruger Family-Blog-2

Ruger Family-Blog-3

Ruger Family-Blog-4

Ruger Family-Blog-5

Ruger Family-Blog-6

Ruger Family-Blog-7

Ruger Family-Blog-8

Ruger Family-Blog-9

Ruger Family-Blog-10

Ruger Family-Blog-11

My favorite:

Ruger Family-Blog-12

Ruger Family-Blog-13

Ruger Family-Blog-14

Ruger Family-Blog-15

Ruger Family-Blog-16

Ruger Family-Blog-17

Ruger Family-Blog-18

Ruger Family-Blog-19

Ruger Family-Blog-20

Ruger Family-Blog-21

Second favorite image:

Ruger Family-Blog-23

Black & white version

Ruger Family-Blog-22


Thank you “R” family for a great visit and session! Hope to do it soon!

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“P” Family|Front Royal Family Photography

What do you get when you combine, fun parents, cute kids, a barn, and a guitar?

An awesome evening for pictures. That’s what.P Family-Blog-100

P Family-Blog-101

P Family-Blog-102

P Family-Blog-103

P Family-Blog-104

P Family-Blog-105

P Family-Blog-106

P Family-Blog-107

P Family-Blog-108

P Family-Blog-109

P Family-Blog-110

P Family-Blog-111

P Family-Blog-112

P Family-Blog-113

P Family-Blog-114

P Family-Blog-115

P Family-Blog-116

P Family-Blog-117

P Family-Blog-118

P Family-Blog-119

P Family-Blog-120

P Family-Blog-121

P Family-Blog-122

P Family-Blog-123

P Family-Blog-124

P Family-Blog-125

P Family-Blog-126

P Family-Blog-127

P Family-Blog-128

P Family-Blog-129


Thank you “P” family for spending a HOT evening with me. Even if we did get chased off by security and almost become target practice for the neighbors.  I think it was totally worth it!

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The “G” Family {Hart’s Desire Photography}

I spent some time with this family a few weeks ago. For those of you who are following my new photography page on facebook have seen several sneak peaks from this session.  If you would like to follow Hart’s Desire on facebook you “like” me here









Brotherly love







That blonde hair kills me


This series of pictures cracks me up











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Siblings {Hart’s Desire Photography}

These brothers and sisters haven’t been all together in more than 20 years. It unfortunately wasn’t under the best of circumstances but they thought it would be nice to make the situation a little bit brighter by documenting the time they are getting to spend together.


We had a little bit of time before the rain came and the colors around us were so vibrant!

Kim & Sibilings-112

Kim & Sibilings-109

Kim & Sibilings-014

Kim & Sibilings-017

Kim & Sibilings-019

They were full of laughs

Kim & Sibilings-023

Kim & Sibilings-038

Kim & Sibilings-048

Kim & Sibilings-124

Thank you guys for the opportunity to photograph your reunion. I’m sorry it wasn’t under better conditions but I hope you find comfort and a little bit of happiness whenever you look at these pictures.