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It was a beautiful day for a wedding. Family and friends, a celebration on the river, and BBQ. Nothing could be better.

L&M Wedding-5

L&M Wedding-6

L&M Wedding-7

L&M Wedding-8

L&M Wedding-10

L&M Wedding-11

L&M Wedding-12

L&M Wedding-13 L&M Wedding-14

L&M Wedding-1

L&M Wedding-2

L&M Wedding-3

L&M Wedding-15

L&M Wedding-16

L&M Wedding-17

L&M Wedding-18

L&M Wedding-19

L&M Wedding-20

L&M Wedding-21

L&M Wedding-22

L&M Wedding-23 L&M Wedding-24

L&M Wedding-25

L&M Wedding-26

L&M Wedding-31

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L&M Wedding-35

L&M Wedding-36

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L&M Wedding-38

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L&M Wedding-40

L&M Wedding-41

L&M Wedding-42

L&M Wedding-43

L&M Wedding-44

L&M Wedding-45 L&M Wedding-46

L&M Wedding-47 L&M Wedding-48

L&M Wedding-49

L&M Wedding-50

Now this is a REAL family picture! This makes me laugh every time I look at it!

L&M Wedding-51

L&M Wedding-53

L&M Wedding-54

L&M Wedding-55

L&M Wedding-56

L&M Wedding-57

L&M Wedding-58

L&M Wedding-59

L&M Wedding-60

.L&M Wedding-61

L&M Wedding-62 L&M Wedding-63

L&M Wedding-64

L&M Wedding-65

L&M Wedding-66

L&M Wedding-67

L&M Wedding-68

L&M Wedding-69

L&M Wedding-70

L&M Wedding-71

L&M Wedding-72


L&M Wedding-74

L&M Wedding-75

L&M Wedding-76

L&M Wedding-77

L&M Wedding-78

L&M Wedding-79 

L&M Wedding-80

L&M Wedding-81

L&M Wedding-82

L&M Wedding-83

L&M Wedding-84

L&M Wedding-85

L&M Wedding-86

L&M Wedding-87

L&M Wedding-88

L&M Wedding-89

L&M Wedding-90

L&M Wedding-95

L&M Wedding-27

L&M Wedding-28

L&M Wedding-30

L&M Wedding-91

L&M Wedding-94

L&M Wedding-4

L&M Wedding-96

L&M Wedding-97

L&M Wedding-98

L&M Wedding-99

L&M Wedding-100

L&M Wedding-101

L&M Wedding-102

L&M Wedding-103

L&M Wedding-93

L&M Wedding-104

L&M Wedding-114

L&M Wedding-105

L&M Wedding-106

L&M Wedding-107

L&M Wedding-108

L&M Wedding-109

L&M Wedding-110

L&M Wedding-111

L&M Wedding-112

L&M Wedding-113


Chad and Nikki-I wish nothing but love and happiness for the both of you as you move forward with your lives together.  Thank you for allowing me to capture your love and special day!

L&M Wedding-73

Class of 2013

Congratulations to the class of 2013!

I wish you all nothing but the best as each of you graduates this week and moves on to the next chapter of your lives. Life is wonderful and I hope each of you live it to the fullest.

Allan Senior-8

K Senior-15

Paulson, Blog-5



Allan Senior-1

Allan Senior-10

Allan Senior-11

Allan Senior-12

Allan Senior-20

Allan Senior-21

Allan Senior-27


K Senior-3

K Senior-4

K Senior-7

K Senior-12

K Senior-19

K Senior-21

K Senior-30

K Senior-31

K Senior-35


Paulson, Blog-1

Paulson, Blog-2

Paulson, Blog-6

Paulson, Blog-8

Paulson, Blog-9

Paulson, Blog-12

Paulson, Blog-15

Paulson, Blog-16

Paulson, Blog-18

Paulson, Blog-24

Paulson, Blog-25

Paulson, Blog-28



-A- Senior-Blog-6


-A- Senior-Blog-9




-A- Senior-Blog-16

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-A- Senior-Blog-24

Attention Seniors 2014: It’s YOUR turn!!! It’s never too early to book your session.  Email me today to book your session and let’s create some awesome images together!