Ruger Family // Hart’s Desire Family Photography

Beautiful weather, you-pick apples, and a pumpkin patch. What could be better for a summer/almost fall session?

I’m so lucky to have clients that come back year after year for their family pictures. And this family never disappoints. Lori and I have known each other for years, we went to college together and our oldest kids are only months apart. We make the afternoon of their session. Taking pictures and then our families go out to eat together afterwards. I’m so blessed that photography has brought us back together after years without seeing each other.


For any locals looking for a great place to take the family this fall season. I HIGHLY recommend Hartland Orchard and Farm. We did this session at the orchard. They have a ton of you-pick fruits and veggies and the views are amazing. The farm is open in the fall with lots of activities for the kids.

Ruger, Blog-1

Ruger, Blog-2

Ruger, Blog-3

Ruger, Blog-4

Ruger, Blog-5

Ruger, Blog-6

Ruger, Blog-7

Ruger, Blog-8

Ruger, Blog-9 Ruger, Blog-10

Ruger, Blog-11

Ruger, Blog-12 Ruger, Blog-13

Ruger, Blog-14

Ruger, Blog-15 Ruger, Blog-16 Ruger, Blog-17

Ruger, Blog-18

Ruger, Blog-19

Ruger, Blog-20

Ruger, Blog-21

Ruger, Blog-22

Ruger, Blog-23 Ruger, Blog-24

Ruger, Blog-25

Ruger, Blog-26

Ruger, Blog-27

Ruger, Blog-28

Ruger, Blog-29

Ruger, Blog-31

Ruger, Blog-30Ruger, Blog-32

Ruger, Blog-33

Ruger, Blog-34

Ruger, Blog-35

Ruger, Blog-36

Ruger, Blog-37

Ruger, Blog-38 Ruger, Blog-39

Ruger, Blog-40 

Ruger, Blog-41

Ruger, Blog-42

Ruger, Blog-43

Ruger, Blog-44 Ruger, Blog-45

Ruger, Blog-46 Ruger, Blog-47

 Ruger, Blog-48

Ruger, Blog-49

 Ruger, Blog-50

Ruger, Blog-51 Ruger, Blog-52 

Ruger, Blog-59

Ruger, Blog-53

Ruger, Blog-54

Ruger, Blog-56

Ruger, Blog-57

Ruger, Blog-58

Ruger, Blog-55

Thanks Ruger family for another great session!


The Peacock Family// Hart’s Desire Family Photography

Not much to say about this adorable family except they are awesome! We had a great time playing in the yard and taking pictures. Even their dog, Clyde had a good time!


Peacock Blog-1

Peacock Blog-2 Peacock Blog-3

Peacock Blog-4

Peacock Blog-5

Peacock Blog-6

Peacock Blog-7

Peacock Blog-8 Peacock Blog-9

 Peacock Blog-10

Peacock Blog-11

This girl

Peacock Blog-12

Peacock Blog-13

Peacock Blog-14

Peacock Blog-15

Peacock Blog-16 Peacock Blog-17

Peacock Blog-19

Peacock Blog-20

Peacock Blog-21  Peacock Blog-22

Peacock Blog-23

Peacock Blog-24

Peacock Blog-25 Peacock Blog-26

Peacock Blog-27 Peacock Blog-28

 Peacock Blog-29

Peacock Blog-30

Peacock Blog-31

Peacock Blog-32

Peacock Blog-33 Peacock Blog-34

Peacock Blog-35

Peacock Blog-36

Peacock Blog-37 Peacock Blog-38

Peacock Blog-39

Peacock Blog-40

Peacock Blog-41

Peacock Blog-42

Peacock Blog-43

Peacock Blog-44

Peacock Blog-45

Peacock Blog-46


Thanks Peacock Family for a great time. I can’t wait to do it again!

Back From Vacation

South Holston, TN.  Great vacation. Relaxing, just what I needed. I’m glad to be back though. It’s September! Where did the summer/year go? Crazy.  The busy season is picking up and I’m so excited to get started!

I pulled just a few pics from my trip and I can’t wait to share more in between the sessions.










I was also honored that our local paper, The Northern VA Daily, featured my Call To Artists Project this past Friday. Congrats both to John and Kendall!  Kendall’s Call To Artists blog will be up in a few weeks, I can’t WAIT to share her session with all of you. Good stuff.