Evolution of a Bedroom: New Bedskirt

Evolution of a Bedroom

If you remember my post from last week you’ll see see where I decided to walk you all through the evolution of my Master Bedroom. 

One day while I was changing the sheets on the bed I decided I needed a new bedskirt.  My original bedskirt was beige and worn.

I’d had this quilt in my linen closet that was falling apart in pieces but I couldn’t bare to part with it.


The edges were still in good condition so I thought it could make a unique bedskirt.

All I did was lay the quilt over the box spring. That’s it!

easy peasy!



New Bedskirt-check!

A new series…

Last June I took a week off work to get a few projects done around the house. One of those projects was to repaint our master bedroom.  I was hesitant to share it because it was more of a makeunder.



The bedroom started with this blue. I believe it is Raindrop by Sherwin Williams.  A few years ago I got the bright idea to also paint the ceiling blue. I glazed it so it was wispy like the sky.



But the carpet is also blue. More of a blue-gray.  Then 2 years ago I bought this awesome blue tufted sofa at a yard sale.


But after a while it just looked like a sea of different shades of blue.  Bor-ing!



Don’t worry, that’s not dirty laundry, it’s the “to be donated’” pile; and it’s gone nowSmile



What really sparked the entire paint job? This hideous white fan.


one of the metal arms snapped during use. I can’t be without a fan so I went to Lowes to get a new one.

During my trip the wheels started turning and after having a conversation with myself I knew if I was going to take the fan down I really should repaint the ceiling while I’m at it. But. If I was going to paint the ceiling I’d have to paint the walls too…





I took every gallon and quart of every beige-y paint I had left over and mixed it all in a 5 galloon bucket for a custom color. I had just enough to do the walls after painting the ceiling with a gallon of ceiling paint.

Here is a hint at the finished paint job



And the fan that started it all.



I thought it would be fun to start a new series called, Evolution of a Bedroom

Evolution of a Bedroom

I don’t know how long this series will last and the postings might be a little erratic without a scheduled timeline but that’s how I like it. The bedroom will evolve very organically and I’ll take you every step of the way.  I already have some ideas for a new headboard and a change to the seating arrangement at the foot of the bed. 

Will you come along for the ride?

It all started with a belt…

I decided to stop by Goodwill on my way home from work to look for a belt.  I found no such belt but instead walked out with 2 bags of goodies…

This handmade egg holder. I’ve been a little obsessed with ceramics lately. I can’t seem to get enough.


A white ceramic plant holder


The vintage tin.  It’s never to early to start shopping for Christmas when you make a lot of the presents you give.  This cute little guy will make an awesome candle.


This awesome vase


This old perfume bottle will make a cute vase to sit on the windowsill in the kitchen when I have just one flower to display


These 2 lightweight spring/fall jackets


And this beautiful poppy scarf.  I’ll probably use it in my next jewelry collection.



Has anyone else found any good thrift store deals lately?

Have an awesome day!


Happy Valentine’s Day


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I showed you a peak into some of the V-day crafts we’ve been up to around here last week.  For little man’s party on Tuesday I wanted to do something a little different and give parent’s a break from the sugar high they are bound to come home with.

A simple paper windmill is attached with a small brad to a festive pencil for a sweet gift.


florist foam in a terracotta pot makes for pretty presentation and easy transportation



A simple message suitable for boys or girls


The brad inserts easily into the eraser



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I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


In limbo

It’s that time of year I hate the most. Dead in the middle of winter. The days are too short; you don’t want to do anything in the evening because it’s dark at 6pm. The weekends are spent doing regular chores and other ‘housekeeping’ things to get ready for the following week.  I think what makes it even worse this year is that the weather is also in limbo. Here in Virginia it can’t decide if it wants to get cold or warm.

I’ve got a few things I’d like to work on but it’s hard to get motivated. So if it seems like I’ve been MIA, now you know why…

BUT we have been doing a few things to get prepared for a certain holiday next week (and our anniversary later in the month).  I’ve never decorated for Valentine’s Day before except for a Heart shaped wreath on the door that I still haven’t gotten on the front door that will make it’s debut today but with little man it’s fun to get festive even for the littlest of holidays. PLUS, it gives me an excuse to get craftySmile


I’m not a big candy person, so instead of candy, little man’s class mates are getting these fun paper windmills




A sweet little “Love” garland



I did venture into Goodwill last night after work looking for a belt and walked out with 2 bags full of goodies.  I’ll be sure to share later next week!

A Photo Challenge

I thought February might be a good time for a photography challenge to get through this last ‘blah’ month before spring is around the corner.  So when my friend should be this challenge I knew the timing was right.


Via Originally from Here

I’ll probably post a week’s worth of pictures at a time.

Day 1

“your view today”


Day 2




Anyone else doing a photo challenge this month?

Have a fabulous weekend!