The End

A little over 6 years ago, when my son was just a few months old, my husband bought me a Canon Rebel T2i so I could capture our growing boy. I taught myself how to shoot in manual, and slowly got better and better with the camera. Soon I was capturing my friends and their families. A friend and fellow photographer asked me to second shoot her niece’s wedding.  That wedding gave me the courage to start my photography business.

I have watched families of my clients grow, capturing some of their sweetest moments and I am grateful for the experience.  As with every chapter, or season of life, there comes a point when it comes to an end, and for me that season is now.

For those that don’t know me personally, I have worked a full time job while growing my photography business.  Over the last year, I have taken even less clients than years past to spend more time with my family. I savored that time with my family but I’ll admit something. I’m greedy. I’m selfish. I want more. More time.  More time doing other activities that I love. I want to travel more. Hike more. Garden more. Continue on the healthy lifestyle I have been on.  I want to become more involved with my son’s school life, and I want to learn new hobbies. Photography is a huge part of my life and I will continue to document my life and the life of my family.

But at this point in my life, I need to be greedy and selfish with my time and so it’s a bittersweet decision but I’ve decided to close the client session side of my business.

I will not be quitting photography. It is too ingrained in my heart and soul.  If you follow me on Facebook, you noticed I changed the name of my page from Hart’s Desire Photography to Sarah Hart Morgan, Photographer. Since I am closing the client side of my business, it seemed only fitting to close the name and switch to my name since I’ll be shooting only personal work.

I will not be posting to this blog anymore. The blog will expire later in the year. If you wish to follow my documentary, stock, and fine art portfolios, you can find me on my new site-

I will be opening a new online store to sell my affordable Fine Art prints which you’ll be able to find via my new site.

Thank you to everyone who supported and believed in me over the last 6 years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without each and every one of you and the love you’ve shown for me and my work.

Thank you.





Princess’ in the Woods

As a documentary photographer, I prefer to shoot my clients in familiar settings-primarily their home. However, a location that is near and dear to their heart is great too. On family land, chasing their dogs among open fields, cows, a creek, and mountains. Playing in the tree house in the middle of the woods that the family used for hunting trips and games of hide and seek.



The Broadhead Family| Hart’s Desire Documentary Photographer

This family. Oh my goodness this family. I always look forward to their sessions and this past fall was nothing short of amazing. They live in the most beautiful place in the county; among mountains, streams, and the most gorgeous fall color you ever laid eyes on.  Enjoy!



Brightwell| Hart’s Desire Family Documentary Photographer

Oh how I love this little family. I’ve documented baby B’s parents engagement and then wedding. Watching and documenting their family grow from 2 to now 3 has been such a blessing. THIS is why I’m only offering in-home documentary photography for families in 2016. Documenting your REAL life, real connections, real emotions. Because REAL IS BEAUTIFUL.  You feel most comfortable in your own home so it feels only natural to document you where are you most comfortable.

D Family-1D Family-2D Family-13

D Family-6

D Family-7

D Family-8

D Family-3

D Family-48

D Family-16

D Family-17D Family-5

D Family-10

D Family-4

D Family-12

D Family-11D Family-21D Family-14

D Family-15

D Family-19

D Family-42

D Family-46D Family-44

D Family-43

D Family-47

D Family-45

D Family-20

D Family-18

D Family-51

D Family-53

D Family-9D Family-22

D Family-25

D Family-23

D Family-24

D Family-27

D Family-28

D Family-26

D Family-31D Family-33

D Family-34

D Family-38

D Family-40

D Family-30

D Family-29

D Family-41

D Family-35D Family-32

D Family-36

D Family-39D Family-52D Family-50

D Family-49

Wood Wedding| Hart’s Desire Wedding Photography

Nothing beats a fall wedding in Virginia.

Wood Wedding-21

Wood Wedding-22

Wood Wedding-23

Wood Wedding-18

Wood Wedding-8

Wood Wedding-10

Wood Wedding-9Wood Wedding-11Wood Wedding-12Wood Wedding-13Wood Wedding-14Wood Wedding-15Wood Wedding-16

Wood Wedding-28

Wood Wedding-29

Wood Wedding-19Wood Wedding-20

Wood Wedding-17

Wood Wedding-30

Wood Wedding-3

Wood Wedding-31

Wood Wedding-32Wood Wedding-33Wood Wedding-34Wood Wedding-35

Wood Wedding-4

Wood Wedding-5

Wood Wedding-37Wood Wedding-38

Wood Wedding-6

Wood Wedding-39Wood Wedding-40

Wood Wedding-41

Wood Wedding-7

Wood Wedding-42Wood Wedding-43Wood Wedding-44Wood Wedding-45Wood Wedding-46Wood Wedding-47Wood Wedding-48Wood Wedding-49

Wood Wedding-25

Wood Wedding-24

Wood Wedding-26

Wood Wedding-27

Wood Wedding-50

Wood Wedding-51

Wood Wedding-36

Wood Wedding-2

Wood Wedding-1

Wood Wedding-52Wood Wedding-53Wood Wedding-54Wood Wedding-55Wood Wedding-56Wood Wedding-57Wood Wedding-58Wood Wedding-59Wood Wedding-60Wood Wedding-61Wood Wedding-62Wood Wedding-63Wood Wedding-64Wood Wedding-66Wood Wedding-67Wood Wedding-68Wood Wedding-69Wood Wedding-70Wood Wedding-71Wood Wedding-72Wood Wedding-73Wood Wedding-74Wood Wedding-75Wood Wedding-76Wood Wedding-77Wood Wedding-78Wood Wedding-79Wood Wedding-80Wood Wedding-81Wood Wedding-82Wood Wedding-83

Wood Wedding-65

Location: Flint Hill Public House in Flint Hill, VA.

Sedona, AZ

My husband and I took a mini getaway to visit a friend who is currently in AZ. It was the first time we’ve really been away from our son. It was weird. And fun. And quiet. And weird-not having a 6 year old with us.

We were staying in Cottonwood but traveled to Sedona most days. We did a lot of hiking this trip. The weather is incredible. Sunny, blue skies. The sun is intense as soon as it pops up. I never really noticed a ‘sunset’ like we have hear in VA. The sunsets we saw was the light setting against the rocks.  I have no other time of year to compare the weather to but if you are ever looking to travel to Arizona, I highly recommend October.



This was a GREAT place for breakfastArizona-3Arizona-2Arizona-4Arizona-5Arizona-6Arizona-7Arizona-8Arizona-9Arizona-10Arizona-11Arizona-12Arizona-13Arizona-14

Chapel of the Holy Cross


Chapel of the Holy Cross


Have you heard of the Vortexes that are in Sedona? This is one of them.Arizona-29Arizona-30Arizona-31Arizona-32Arizona-33Arizona-34Arizona-35Arizona-36Arizona-37Arizona-38Arizona-39Arizona-40Arizona-41

This is the closest thing we saw to a ‘sunset’ as we were in a canyon most evenings. You can see the sun setting against the red rock.  It was still beautiful.Arizona-42Arizona-43

Jerome, AZ



Another AZ sunsetArizona-75Arizona-76

We took one day to travel to the Grand Canyon and took the long way to get there.Arizona-77Arizona-78Arizona-79Arizona-80

All of the locals we spoke to said we had to stop at the Cameron Trading Post if we were looking for authentic souvenirs. Next door to the trading post was a Native American Art Gallery. It did not disappoint.



The Grand CanyonArizona-88Arizona-89Arizona-90Arizona-91Arizona-92Arizona-93Arizona-94Arizona-95Arizona-96Arizona-97Arizona-98Arizona-99

While you are in Sedona you HAVE to hike the West Fork Trail.  It is an easy walking trail with the most beautiful sights. You are in the middle of the canyon with tall red rock all around.Arizona-100Arizona-101Arizona-102Arizona-103Arizona-104Arizona-105Arizona-106Arizona-107Arizona-108Arizona-109Arizona-110Arizona-111Arizona-112Arizona-113Arizona-114Arizona-115Arizona-116Arizona-117

Driving back to Phoenix to catch our flight home the desert was full of these types of cactus on either side of the highway. Some of these could be anywhere to 100 years old! Arizona-118

The Ruger Family| An Intro Into Documentary Photography

I’ll be posting all of my recent sessions over the next few weeks in addition to a wedding and a personal trip.  First up is the Ruger Family. I love this family so much. I went to college with Lori and have been photographing their growing family for 4 years now! I just love watching the girls grow, and they love to pose for my camera!

I’ve been moving towards an in-home documentary approach to my family sessions this year. If you’ve ever had a session with me, you know I’m very laid back in my approach with little to no posing during a session. In these documentary sessions, there is NO posing. Just me, in your home, documenting your family during this season of life. Not every image is technically ‘perfect’ but every image is perfectly you. Real. Genuine. Beautiful. Life isn’t always pretty. Sometimes is chaotic, and messy; with toys everywhere, laundry piled up, or dishes in the sink. But that’s life. That’s real. And I want to tell your family story. I want to capture your real; because real is beautiful.

The Print Shop is now open


I’m happy to announce that the Hart’s Desire Print Shop is now open.  You have two ways to shop. You can click on the Print Shop at the top of the page on this site to find affordable art prints for sale in various sizes or you can visit my Etsy Shop and find some of my images adorning blank greeting and Thank You cards. 


HD cards-1


There are 12 different card sets available in the Etsy Shop.

Each one is printed on textured paper which can also double as art prints after the cards are given.

Simply frame and hang up!


Hart's Desire Photography8


Hart's Desire Photography10


$10 of each set of this card set, featuring food out of my garden, will be donated to the Warren County Backpack Program which provides kids in need a backpack full of food.

Enough to feed that child over a weekend.

With each set of this card purchased, that’s enough to feed TWO children over one weekend.

Hart's Desire Photography9

HD cards-3

Hart's Desire Photography11


Hart's Desire Photography12


Hart's Desire Photography13


Hart's Desire Photography14


Hart's Desire Photography15

HD cards-8

Hart's Desire Photography16


Hart's Desire Photography17


Hart's Desire Photography18


Hart's Desire Photography19

HD cards-11

Society6 shop now open!


About a month ago I opened up a Society6 shop to sell a few of my fine art images. It’s an awesome concept. You can find great art and have that art printed in all sorts of different ways.  Wall Art, clothing, mugs, wall tapestries, different home décor items, etc. Right now, I have a handful of images available as Wall Art. I plan on adding more images and offering a wider variety of ways to use the images in the weeks to come.  Now thru April 12th you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING! Just follow this link:


Some of the images available to purchase at this time:




A&C married-408




S Holsten, TN-206

Warren Co-73


Be sure to follow my Facebook page as I usually post the new additions to that page. Have a great day!!!