The easiest curtains I have ever made

The title says it all. I have never made an easier curtain, and I have made a few! I wanted something light and airy but still have a natural, rustic chic look to it. Something that would still let light in but would diffuse the inside view from the outside. I looked at several different types of window tint at first but nothing could obstruct the view from the outside so it was back to curtains. I decided to try burlap. I ended up finding a roll of burlap- the kind you can find in the gardening section of your local hardware store, at a yard sale for $1. Score.

You also saw my deal-of-a curtain rod I picked up on a recent treasure hunt.

All that was left to get were two packages of cheese cloth and two packages of ring clips, which were by far the most expensive item I had to buy for this project.

I was lucky because my burlap was the right width and the cheese cloth was just a little narrower so it fit perfectly under the burlap panel. I basically just cut the cheese cloth and burlap to my desired length and clipped the two together using the ring clips. The burlap will fray over time but that only adds to the character of the curtains.

I did learn a tip from a friend after this was done I thought I’d pass along. To cut your burlap straight, you first snip one horizontal thread and pull it out. Then use the space it left behind as your guide. Easy peasy.

I love the natural “grain” of the burlap working with all the other natural elements in the kitchen and with the various shades of gray going on as well.

Oh and that pendant light over the island? Yeah, that’s already gone.

Outta here. Finished. Catcha later!

Can you tell I’m excited? Wait until you see the replacement…


Have a lovely day!



DIY {shower curtain turned curtain}

i mentioned here that i was having a hard time finding curtains for my dinning room.  i wanted something fun with a large print in the colors of my choice.  I needed them to be 98″ which is really hard to come by.  Curtains are usually something like 81″ or 108″.  I had checked out Ikea since you can buy curtains super long and hem them to your desired length but even they didn’t have anything i really liked in the colors i wanted.  On a recent trip with my mom we stopped in Kohls. i was wondering through their linen department when i noticed they had all these really fun shower curtains.  i decided to pick this one up for the dinning room.

Again, too short but i liked the print so much that i decided to buy it.  here it is 2 months later and i finally got around to making them into curtains!

I went through my fabric stash and grabbed anything i thought could work with the print in the curtains.  I didn’t have a complete master plan, i was just going to wing it and work with what i had.

I set everything up on my new kitchen island, put the ipad to the newest episode of the Tudors i had on my que and got busy.  on a side note~ if you’ve never watched the Tudors you. need. to.  put it in your que stat!!  it is one great show!

i cut the shower curtain in half length wise. these would be my two panels.  lucky for me there was a seem straight down the middle from it being so nice and neatly folded in the package!

Next, i play around with my stash fabric, immediately got rid of the teal fabric, it just wasn’t the right color.  i decided to use the white waffle weave shower curtain. i liked the neutral color and the texture playing off the bold flower pattern.  i measured how much fabric i would need to match the width and desired length of the flower fabric.  I was careful to cut the white curtain using the existing hems so i could match those up to the existing hems of the flower fabric.  it saved me some time!  don’t forget to allow for your seam allowances when you are determining the fabric measurements.

i sewed the white panels to the flower panels.  and then decided to use the polka-dot men’s shirt and make 1 1/2″ strips of fabric to make a ruffle.  I used the back of the men’s shirt for this part.  i then attached the ruffles to the seam where the two panels of fabric met.

here is the finished product:

don’t mind the stack of frames on the floor-the are finding a home soon!

a close up of the ruffle.  there are two rows of thread going down the ruffle.  one is the line you use to make the actual ruffle and the other is the seam connecting the 3 pieces together.  you should easily be able to pull the thread out of the one used to make the ruffle.

this project took me about 3 hours to complete.  it wouldn’t have taken as long if i already planned the design but sometimes that’s part of the fun is letting the project take on a life of it’s own!

happy Monday!


DIY {soap dispenser}

i needed a new soap dispenser for my newly remodeled bathroom.  the pedestal sink we installed will not hold one so it needed to be mounted to the wall.  I haven’t seen anything that could be used with a pump dispenser so i had to get creative. i’ve been seeing soap dispensers made from mason jars around the web

1. Soap Dispenser Tutorial 2.Post Road Vintage

3. Road Hill 4. Country Living

i like them, i’ve been using mason jars in my decor for a while but i couldn’t do it with the soap dispenser. maybe it’s because i have been seeing them so often that it just made me what to rebel and do something different? i thought i’d wait and find some type of cool jar at a yard sale or thrift store; or maybe even a vintage tin to make one out of.  well, i got impatient and decided to shop my house.  i had bought some different size jars with cork lids at a yard sale a few years ago and they’ve just been sitting ever since.  i had one of those ‘ah ha!’ moments and this is what i came up with~

i mounted mine on a shelf made from salvaged wood i picked up at a yard sale (where else, right?!) last year.  you could just as easily mount it without a shelf.

below is a picture tutorial i came up with.  it was pretty simple to do; i’m sure you could put it together many different ways, this is just what worked for me.  i winged this as i went along, my pump isn’t exactly centered in the cork but it still works and is hardly noticeable.  Also, be sure to add lots of glue when attaching your pump. i used some heavy duty glue i had on hand. it dried rubbery at first but becomes as hard as a rock after 24hours.

the bathroom/mudroom is almost done.  just need to hang some pictures and then it’s finally finished!!

have a great day!