DIY Garden Markers

I’ve been working in the garden a lot lately trying to get a head start on early spring plantings and prepping the garden for the big plant in the next few weeks after the frost date. One of the things I really wanted this year are some garden markers to identify all the veggie and herbs that will be planted. There are a ton on pinterest but I set out to create my own versions with materials I had on hand.


I have a ton of wooden shims laying around from a project that never happened so I decided to use those, my wood burning tool, and fallen sticks from around the yard to create my markers.  A heavy duty staple gun finished the markers and they have a great rustic look to them!




{"focusMode":1,"deviceTilt":-0.0155962268498282,"whiteBalanceProgram":0,"macroEnabled":false,"qualityMode":3} Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

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Let me know if you’ve come across any other unique garden markers; I’d love to check them out!


The Pinterest Challenge {Fall Edition}

In case you missed it, SherryKatie, Anna, and Erin  announced last week another Pinterest Challenge. The whole point of the challenge is to actually do something with the pins we have on our boards. How many of us have “pinned” something but never end up doing anything with it? It just sits in cyber land. And that’s not cool.  That’s where the challenge comes in.

So, what did I decide to re-create?


Originally From Here

I shared this pin a few weeks ago and it was high time I tried it for myself. Ive been needing an over sized coaster for a nightstand and this would be perfect. Not to mention all the awesome fabric I had leftover from the baby shower. Destiny I tell ya.

The loom reminded me of the old school ones I used to have as a kid with the stretchy bands of fabric. Do you remember the ones?

So, the inspiration pin used a wooden frame. I didn’t have one but I did have several quilters hoops. So I gave it a whirl. I nailed my nails around the loom spacing them about an inch apart. I just eye balled and went for it. No measuring for me. I know. I live on the wild side, right?

I tore my strips of fabric about an inch thick, and tied each together to make one long “thread”. I really wanted to sew each piece together but I think my sewing machine is broken{that’s another story for another time} but tying them worked too.

And here is my finished coaster

So, did anyone else participate in the challenge?  Doesn’t it feel good to finish a project you ‘pinned’ rather than just letting it sit in your computer forever collecting virtual dust?

I can’t wait to see what everyone else out there did for their challenge. Be sure to check out our hosts’ blogs for their challenge pieces and link up yours!

2 More Tutorials {Gold Leaf Bowl & Appliques}

I’ve got 2 more tutorials from the baby shower for you today.

The appliques I made for the onsie decorating station was probably the most time consuming but well worth it.  Appliques for 20 baby onsies can get expensive and I was able to do it for just pennies.

I started with a pack of pre-cut fabric squares that I purchased at Hobby Lobby with a coupon and little bit of heat-n-bond I already had.  Be sure to pre-wash your fabric so it shrinks before you decorate your t’s.

I used a few cookie cutters as templates for my appliques. Butterflies, hearts, fish, a dog, a flower, stars, etc. where the right size for this project.

Trace your design on the fabric and then cut around the shape. Adhere to the heat-n-bond per directions.

Iron on to your onsies per directions and viola!

The last tutorial for today is a gold leaf bowl for the Wish Tree.  This is a great project for this time of year, it would look great filled with pine cones or holiday ornaments.

I found this large plastic bowl at Dollar Tre

The gold leaf I had on hand for this project was a little different then what I’m used it.  Brush on the medium and wait until it is clear and tacky.

Rub the gold leaf sheets and the gold leaf will adhere to the medium. Other types of gold leaf are similar except that you don’t pull up the paper to reveal the gold leaf, you simply rub in for a more opaque finish.

I did another layer over top the first for more coverage of gold leaf.

The finished bowl:

I hope a few of these ideas got your own creative juices flowing. The best part is that you aren’t limited to a baby shower, you can adapt these to your own tastes and needs.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I’m hoping to get a little mini makeover with my hair. I mentioned earlier last week that I’m growing it out for Locks of Love but it’s time to get a little bit of style in it or I might cave and cut it all off.  Maybe a little before and after will be in order???

Next week I’ll be sharing the kitchen and bathroom before and after as well as trying to make a few needed changes to the look and layout of the blog. I’m hoping to organize some of the categories a little bit better with pictures so it’s easier to navigate. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions of what kinds of changes you would like to see?

It’s been beautiful in Virginia this past week with the leaves changing, I’ve gotten a few pictures this week and I’m hoping to get out for some family pictures this weekend and an all around relaxing weekend.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Fabric Garland

The great thing about this fabric garland is that it is so versatile and can be used for any party. But it’s so gorgeous why not have it out all the time? It was a cinch to make and it took me about an hour to create the whole thing from start to finish.

Let’s get started!

Get some awesome fabric of your choice. I also used pom pom trim, which you may remember from my ribbon chandelier as well as some lace fabric from a dress that didn’t fit.  This is a great project to use any left over scrap fabric you might have laying around too.

Figure out how long you want your garland to hang, double that number and add 2 inches for the fold.  I wanted mine to hang 8″ so I pre-cut my fabric to 18″ long.  Cut a starter slit in your fabric to your desired width. I cut every 2 inches.

Now, use some pent up energy to rip the fabric.  Cotton fabric works best for this. Your fabric will fray, if that’s not the look you are going for then use a rotary cutter or cut your fabric by hand and use fray check on the edges.

Lay your pieces out in the order you want your garland

Use twin for the base of the garland

Tie your fabric strips to the garland


Let me know if you make any garland, I’d love to see what you’ve created!  How awesome will it look in the Christmas tree this year?


A Baby Shower

Good morning! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  Is it really Tuesday already? I swear, sometimes I just don’t know where the time goes.

  Saturday I helped throw a baby shower for one of my best friends. I was in charge of the decorations so I’ve spent the last few weeks getting ready. I thought I’d share a few of the details with you all this morning. I’ve also got a few tutorials to share with you later in the week.

My friend already had a color scheme in mind for the baby’s room (She’s having a girl) pink, chocolate brown, turquoise, and gold.  She was having a little bit of a hard time pulling everything together so I thought I’d get some fabric that had all the colors in it to help tie everything together.

I mean seriously.  What’s NOT to love with this fabric set? Nothing. That’s what. I’m so in love with that paisley fabric it’s not even funny. I’m going back to Hobby Lobby to buy as many yards as I can.  I’m also loving the last fabric in this picture, the one with the “stripes”. LOOOVVVEEEE.

My hope was that if she liked something, she could use it in the room. Luckily she loved everything and I’ll be going over later to help her pull the room together; maybe she’ll let me share a few before and after photos.

Garland using said fabrics with a few scraps from my own stash. This is so fun. I was secretly wishing my friend wouldn’t want this so I could keep it for myself:)

Decorate a Onsie station. I had a mix of onsies ranging in size from 0-12months.  Everyone decorated their shirts with handmade appliques, trim, scrap fabric, and their imagination.

The finished shirts:

I made a “Wish Tree” where everyone could write a wish, hope, or dream for the baby on a piece of decorative paper, roll it up, then drop it in a clear Christmas ornament and hang it on the tree.

Instead of using wire hooks for the ornaments, I ripped small pieces of the fabrics and tied them to the loop of the ornaments.

Vintage Pepsi crates held mason jars for drinks with hand punched tags tied to twine for drink tags.

My friend loves to read so we asked that people bring their favorite book as a child to help start the baby’s book collection.

Daisies are her favorite flower so I had vases full of flowers scattered throughout the shower

I thought I’d share the gifts I gave to the baby as well.  I love to give and receive  handmade gifts. Nothing means more to me than to know that someone took time to create something just for me. I think everyone deserves a handmade gift, especially a new little life.

You’ll have to excuse this poor picture; I had about 2 minutes to take the picture so I couldn’t get it styled quiet right to capture it’s cuteness.  The baby crochet pattern was really easy to do. It came from Lion Brand.  I also added 2 flowers to the corner from yarn from my stash.

I’ve been making these little shoes for every baby that I know for a little over a year now but I think these maybe my favorite. Maybe it’s because we’ve been having a string of boys lately so it was a welcome change to create for a little girl!

I used SweetPea Patterns on Etsy and added the flower on the top.  My “handmade by Sarah” tags came from greenbeansnstrings also on Etsy.

Be sure to check back later in the week where I’ll be sharing a few tutorials for a few of the decorations I made for the shower.

Have a fabulous day!


Dressing up the hair {DIY Feather Comb}

I wanted a little something to dress up my hair for the wedding last weekend.  I’ve been growing my hair out for 3 years now to donate to Locks of Love and it’s starting to get to a point now where it’s so long it’s hard to do anything with it.  It’s too long to do some of the cuter styles I used to do to it.  Anymore, I just put it up to get it off my face and leave it for the day. That wasn’t going to work for the wedding so I decided to make a cute hair comb to dress up the up-do I had my stylist do.

The picture above was NOT the hair I wore to the wedding.  Chelsea, at Salon La Petite did a fabulous up-do for me.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get a picture of it to share!  I was bummed about it.  It looked so great!


Hair Comb

Large Button


Lace, Ribbon, or Fabric of your choice

Hot Glue Gun w/ extra glue sticks

I took a small piece of bias tape and glued it to the top of the comb to act as a base for everything else.

I then added another piece of lace, that will show in the final design. I also added a few feathers on top of each other.  Try to glue them all in the same spot so the button will cover the ends completely.

I added another layer of lace to the back of the button then glued the button to the feathers being sure to cover up all the end pieces of the feathers.

And that’s it!

This could be easily adapted to using just a bobby pin.  Use a piece of felt cut to the shape of the button, attach a few feathers and/or lace to the back of the button, glue everything to the felt and attach to the bobby pin but cutting 2 parallel slits into the felt.

Here is another comb I made at the same time. I used leftover sweater material from my Anthro sweater Refashion and fashioned them into rosettes using hot glue to hold everything together.  You can find tutorials all over the web for the rosettes, I then attached the rosettes to the bias tape I used over the top of the comb.  Viola!

How great are these to make as Christmas gifts this year?  You can make several of them at a time.  Several combs come together in the package, I picked a package up at Dollar Tree.  This is also a great project to use up the odds and ends you might have in your fabric/craft stash.

Happy Crafting!


DIY {Spring to Fall Artwork}

Have you ever had a spur of the moment project idea and when you acted on it, it turned out EXACTLY how you had hoped? AND, it took less than 10min?  That’s how I felt the other day.   With all the fall decorating that has been going on over here, here, and here the living room was looking a little less than fall-ish.

I love the oversized painting above our sectional but it really is more for spring and summer. I like to decorate with the seasons and this painting was driving me crazy.  Last year, I tried a little collage wall

But didn’t really want to go that route again. Then it just hit me like THAT! I had a table cloth that was bold, graphic, and the perfect colors. After a quick trial run, I knew it would work, so I ironed that bad boy and whipped out the masking tape!

I laid the tablecloth on the floor with the painting on top and pretty much wrapped it like a present being sure to wrap tightly so I wouldn’t have any wrinkles.

It was a snug fit, I wasn’t sure if it was even going to cover the corners but luckily it did which means it was meant to be!


Easy. Peasy.

I just don’t think it gets any easier than this. Best part is, when I’m tired of it all I have to do is just pull the tape up.  I won’t damage the canvas or the fabric.

Here’s a quick before & after shot

You also may have noticed my favorite blue chair is no longer with us. I picked this gal up last year for $5 at a yard sale and I’ve loved her ever sense. I’ve gotten my money’s worth.


This means I’ll have to learn upholstery 101 stat. I’ve already got the chair, if you can remember from earlier in the summer, and I already have an idea of what I want, I just need to find the right fabric and the time…

I hope everyone has a great day!


The DIY Show Off

Fall Mantel

I thought I’d share the rest of my fall decorations for inside the house. I’m still working on the front entrance; just gotta pick up a few more things to complete it.

Remember when I shared a few in-store tablescapes from my trip out of town?  I got inspired and decided to get a jump on fall even though we were still in 80 degree weather at the time!

I used to go all out for holidays. I used to do big displays for every holiday. I don’t have the time anymore, and I prefer to do simple vignettes using more natural materials now. They are simple but can make a big impact.  In fact, I think I only used less than 1/2 of all the decorations I had in the rubbermaid bin. I pretty much looked to nature to decorate for this fall season.

For the fireplace mantel I decided to use a few of my white pumpkins nestled inside random glass vases at different heights. I filled the vases with lentils and then tucked the pumpkins inside. I also used a few random textured balls, a few old books, and a found deer antler to bring it all together. It’s simple but lovely.  The best part, is that it will last until it’s time to bring the Christmas decorations out (Christmas~What?! eek!!)

Never mind the hideous gold frame around my Grandmother’s painting. One of these days I’ll tackle it.  I think if I just toned down the in-your-face gold gaudiness it might not be so bad:)

I painted the mantel in April when we were doing our mini renovation.  When we first moved into our house it looked like this

I painted it in faux burl wood and I liked the way it turned out until our custom made gun cabinet and bookcase were installed (thanks Dad!).  The colors just weren’t jive’n for me so I painted it like everything else I don’t like!

We also said ba-bye to the sponge painted accent wall.

This room still isn’t ready for a full room tour; one day~soon!

I also did a little something to the fireplace in our living room that also acts as our tv stand. This was even simpler. 2 tall vases full of more white pumpkins and I added some twine to add a little interesting texture.

I also added a shallow wooden platter full of fall potpouri.

And a LARGE grapevine cornucopia on the dining table with a fix of real and faux pumpkins, dried gourds, a deer antler, pheasant  feathers, and a leave garland.

Here are a few other shots of some of the simple displays I have around the house.

So, has anyone else gotten into the fall season? Have you done any decorating?  Do share!!


Before and After {barstools}

After a showed you all the kitchen island makeover, a reader, Jenn,  gave me the link to a bar stool similar to these

Home Decorators Anthro Arhaus World Market

She read my mind! The World Market stools weren’t even completely out of budget but these jewels literally jumped out at me one day

You know the kind. Typical bar stools you can buy from any any big box store. I decided to buy the pair for $5 and decided to just give them a mini makeover until something else comes along.

Cosmetically, they were in rough shape. There were paint splatters on the top, stains on the legs, and the orange-y oak stain wasn’t working for me either. But they were solid wold and solid.  So my trusty sander and I got to work. I sanded everything down to remove the finish on top and most of the finish on the legs.

I aged the tops a little more by beating them with a hammer, staining them brown, and finally adding a layer of brown wax to finish them off.

For the legs I sprayed a few coats of gray spray paint for a nice even finish, then went over that with a black, hammered finish spray paint.

To give it more depth and to look more like the industrial finish of the inspiration’s I used a few other techniques. I finally added two coats of a wipe on poly to seal everything in.

To add to the industrial look, I added these metal chair slides.

I think I’ll keep them for now. At least until I find “the ones” during my travels.

Before and After {kitchen pendant light}

This is the light I used to have in my kitchen. It looked great when that area looked like this

Not so much anymore.

My style has been moving towards a more industrial chic meets rustic and I’ve really been drawn to these cage style lights but can’t justify or afford the price tag that goes along with it.

Do you remember this wire bell I got at the start of yard sale season this year? Or maybe it’s a birdcage? I can’t really tell.  Either way, it was just $1.

*disclaimer* I’m not down with the country decor of the ’80s. I apologize in advance if this offends any of you reading this blog.

Now that that’s out in the open let’s get this makeover started!

I cut off the top part and the heart shaped stick inside the bell/birdcage. I also had a pendant light kit from Lowe’s.

And this is what I came up with

I do need to get an Edison Light in the cage; it’s on my list for my next Lowe’s run.

This little bell/birdcage works perfectly.  It has a little door you can slide up and it’s the perfect size to be able to reach in and change the light bulb.  And I don’t mind that little heart accent on the door; my maiden name is Hart so it is a little special touch I do like.  Plus, it also matches another little heart detail from our remodel

This is the detail of our sliding door leading into our bathroom/mudroom.  More on that in the future!

So back to the Pendant Light. Here is picture overload

And here it is in relation to the the island

It gives off so much more natural light then the other light did.  No more yellow/orange haze!

And I just have to show you guys a blooper picture.  This is what I deal with on a constant basis.  Gunner has to be in every shot!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! I know I will and I’ll have the pictures to share later next week!