A refashion/ Look for Less {pants to shorts}

i’ve been needing some shorts this year but refuse to pay the prices for them.  the trend this season seems to be pretty simple. cut off pants that have been rolled up once or twice and then stitched down.


seems pretty simple and i know i can do that. i picked up this pair of GAP jeans at a rummage sale a few weeks ago.  i was sooo tempted to just keep them as is because the length was perfect and they already had that worn in look and fit. but i stayed focused and got my scissors ready.

the steps i took were pretty simple. i did use another pair of shorts i had as a guide for how to cut my pants. i did cut them a little longer so i would have enough material to work with. i made my shorts a little longer.  i’m not down with cheeks hanging out or the perma-wedgie that goes along with it.

1. grab a pair of jeans to work with

2. lay existing pair of short over top and line up sides; this acts as a guide on the angle to cut

3. cut a short slit up the outside seams and roll up once and pin

4. sew a straight line fairly close to the raw edge all the way around your shorts

5. wash and dry

6. i decided to make a few small holes in mine after they were washed for a more worn in look. i make small horizontal and vertical slits with a pair of scissors

the finished product~

i love the outcome and will have to be on the look out for a few more pairs of jeans to cut!

have a great day!



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