Brightwell| Hart’s Desire Family Documentary Photographer

Oh how I love this little family. I’ve documented baby B’s parents engagement and then wedding. Watching and documenting their family grow from 2 to now 3 has been such a blessing. THIS is why I’m only offering in-home documentary photography for families in 2016. Documenting your REAL life, real connections, real emotions. Because REAL IS BEAUTIFUL.  You feel most comfortable in your own home so it feels only natural to document you where are you most comfortable.

D Family-1D Family-2D Family-13

D Family-6

D Family-7

D Family-8

D Family-3

D Family-48

D Family-16

D Family-17D Family-5

D Family-10

D Family-4

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D Family-15

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D Family-49

Graduation Flowers

Our little guy graduated kindergarten this past week! Man how time flies!!  We wanted to do something special for his teachers as a thank you for the last 3 years(he goes to a Montessori School and has the same teacher since he was 3 and in Pre-K). We decided to make a flower arrangement for each and instead of buying something pre-made, he wanted to cut flowers from our yard. He cut all the flowers and I helped with the arranging.













He added lavender and lemon balm so the arrangements would smell good. I think his favorite part is rubbing the lemon balm leaves so he can smell the yummy fragrance!

May-31 May-32





And the final arrangements. His teachers loved them!

May-38 May-39

the square glass vases came from Dollar Tree

We included:


*Lemon balm

*Japanese Maple Stems


*Creeping Jenny

*Knockout Roses

*Evergreen Stems