Collage Frame Wall

Over this past summer I picked up some odd ball frames here and there for my collage wall I had planned in my dining room.  My original thought was to spray paint them all the same color but I noticed all my frames had great aged patina-a great “mix and match” feel to them.  This is just the base, I will add frames and pictures as I find them.

I wanted to be able to swap the pictures out easily so not many of the pictures are framed.


I covered the frame back in leftover polka dot fabric from the curtains and attached a simple tag that says “Blessings”



I took the glass out of several of the frames.  Attached vintage lace trim to the back and clipped the picture with a small clothes pin.


Later, this beautiful card arrived from a family member so it was added as well.IMG_3933

A cork tack nailed to the wall holds a wooden hanger holding local art from our county’s Woman’s Shelter



So many memories from this summer are on this wall. I love looking at them while we are eating dinner.


I tied kitchen string around this rustic frame, slide the picture in and your done! Instant frame. So easy to change out too!


Same thing for this frame. I kept the glass in and tied vintage lace around the frame like a gift. A little tape holds it in place.  I also liked the idea of taking decorative washi tape and taping one or two to the glass.


Framed scrapbook paper with the picture slid into the corners of the frame. Another easy one to swap out the pictures when I need a change!



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