The Broadhead Family| Hart’s Desire Documentary Photographer

This family. Oh my goodness this family. I always look forward to their sessions and this past fall was nothing short of amazing. They live in the most beautiful place in the county; among mountains, streams, and the most gorgeous fall color you ever laid eyes on.  Enjoy!




The Ruger Family| An Intro Into Documentary Photography

I’ll be posting all of my recent sessions over the next few weeks in addition to a wedding and a personal trip.  First up is the Ruger Family. I love this family so much. I went to college with Lori and have been photographing their growing family for 4 years now! I just love watching the girls grow, and they love to pose for my camera!

I’ve been moving towards an in-home documentary approach to my family sessions this year. If you’ve ever had a session with me, you know I’m very laid back in my approach with little to no posing during a session. In these documentary sessions, there is NO posing. Just me, in your home, documenting your family during this season of life. Not every image is technically ‘perfect’ but every image is perfectly you. Real. Genuine. Beautiful. Life isn’t always pretty. Sometimes is chaotic, and messy; with toys everywhere, laundry piled up, or dishes in the sink. But that’s life. That’s real. And I want to tell your family story. I want to capture your real; because real is beautiful.

Hannah| Hart’s Desire Children Photographer


Another year has gone by and she keeps getting more grown up and more beautiful.



I stopped by her house so she could show me her rabbit and new puppy.

Hannah (1 of 27)

Hannah (2 of 27)

Hannah (3 of 27)

Hannah (4 of 27)

Hannah (5 of 27)

Hannah (6 of 27)

Hannah (7 of 27)

Hannah (8 of 27)

Hannah (9 of 27) Hannah (10 of 27)

Hannah (11 of 27)

Hannah (12 of 27)

Hannah (13 of 27)

We walked next door to her Grammie’s. How great to grow up so close to family!

Hannah (14 of 27)

Hannah (15 of 27)

Hannah (16 of 27)

Hannah (17 of 27)

Hannah (18 of 27)

Hannah (19 of 27)

Hannah (20 of 27)

Hannah (21 of 27)

Hannah (22 of 27)

Hannah (23 of 27)

Hannah (24 of 27)

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Hannah (26 of 27)

Hannah (27 of 27)

Cadyn Speziale| A Call To Artists| Hart’s Desire Photography

Meet Cadyn. She’s a jewelry designer and owner of Gathered. Her jewelry is absolutely stunning works of art. Words of caution-this is a picture heavy post full of beauty and inspiration!

Cadyn, Call to Artist-1

Cadyn, Call to Artist-2

Cadyn, Call to Artist-3

Q. Tell us about yourself and your creative journey up this point in your life.

I was definitely raised in a creative home: both of my parents are professors at the Savannah College of Art & Design, so my sister Isadora and I grew up with ever-changing walls displaying photographs and paintings by them and their friends. I remember when I was little my mom made me a huge board covered in felt with little felt cut-outs of her own designs that I played with, sticking them onto the board, creating scenes for hours– which is probably where my love for felt and color began. My dad, a landscape photographer, instilled in me a deep appreciation for Nature and seeing things through an observer’s eye. I went to a handful of “art day camps” as a kid and sought out art classes in school, which all led to the obvious choice of going to the college I practically grew up with (SCAD).

And now to shamelessly sell myself: I got my BFA in Fiber Arts in 2005. I had an amazing opportunity to create a beadwork jewelry line for Trina Turk’s Spring Fashion show after graduating, I interned with Working Class Studio where one of my designs was picked up and printed on journals sold at Barnes & Noble, and then I attempted the near-impossible: making a living solely off my own beadwork. That lasted a year, haha… While I worked in various retail environments after college (ranging from a small, high-end boutique to the natural/alternative health world), I carried a seed with me: the idea to open my own shop, selling my work and, more importantly, supporting other local talent.

Cadyn, Call to Artist-4

Cadyn, Call to Artist-6

Cadyn, Call to Artist-7

Cadyn, Call to Artist-10

Q. Walk us thru your creative process. What inspires you?

Oh my gosh, it may be easier to say what DOESN’T inspire me. But, in a nutshell, I’m excited by Nature: the plant and animal worlds; mycology; both microcosmic and macrocosmic images; geology; the land, the sea, the stars; the chemistry of change. I extract designs from either photographs I’ve taken or a culmination of imagery I’ve come across while researching words like “rust” or “constellation.” My sense of color comes from my Color Theorist mother, and my patience for beading comes from my Zen Buddhist father. My gravitation toward questioning existing practices and thinking outside the box is energized by my Philosopher sister. My partner, Drew’s, artwork and dedication inspires me– we both tend toward extremely time-intensive processes illustrating abstract ideas. Sometimes I feel like I’m just this sponge-vehicle for other creative energies around me.

Cadyn, Call to Artist-12

Cadyn, Call to Artist-15

Cadyn, Call to Artist-20

Cadyn, Call to Artist-16 Cadyn, Call to Artist-19

Cadyn, Call to Artist-22

Cadyn, Call to Artist-24

Cadyn, Call to Artist-25

Cadyn, Call to Artist-26

Cadyn, Call to Artist-28

Cadyn, Call to Artist-30

Q. Where can we find your jewelry?

At Gathered, of course! Sorry, I had to say that… I also currently sell my work at the Loft gallery in Culpeper, as well as my personal online shop (

Cadyn, Call to Artist-31

Cadyn, Call to Artist-32

Cadyn, Call to Artist-33

Cadyn, Call to Artist-34 Cadyn, Call to Artist-35

Cadyn, Call to Artist-36

Cadyn, Call to Artist-38 Cadyn, Call to Artist-40

Cadyn, Call to Artist-41

Q. You opened your shop, Gathered, a little over a year ago. Tell us about the shop. What made you take the leap to open it?

I’m not sure what ultimately made me decide “This is it, it’s time.” I had taken a break from selling my work for a few years and it was suddenly just necessary to embrace the creative process again. I spent a year doing a self-imposed project of creating one piece of bead work a week, and before I knew it one piece wasn’t enough. I was making two pieces a week (each bracelet involves roughly 6-7 hours of beading, then an additional hour for finishing), on top of working 30-35 hours a week at the natural foods store. Finally Drew and I decided, after many conversations, breakdowns (on my end), and number-crunching that if I didn’t try this idea of a shop now I would never do it. We don’t have children yet, so the financial risk seemed worth it. Plus, we grow and forage a lot of our own food, so eating well is a low-cost luxury that my partner makes sure is a priority for us. My mother-in-law Ann lives in Front Royal, so she and her husband have also been a tremendous help through the whole process.  To test out my idea, I hosted the first incarnation of Gathered as an Open Studio at our home.

Cadyn, Call to Artist-43

Cadyn, Call to Artist-46

Cadyn, Call to Artist-72

Q. While you aren’t running the shop, designing and making jewelry, what could we find you doing?
Eating chocolate! Drew and I also run a raw herbal chocolate business called Immortal Mountain chocolates from our inspected home kitchen ( and We sell it online and at Gathered, Better Thymes Natural Foods, Happy Creek Coffee & Tea, and Heritage Hollow Farm Store. I also do what I can to help Drew with our forage garden (usually assisting with harvesting, drying, and preserving), and I LOVE hiking. Good thing we live in the mountains!

Cadyn, Call to Artist-70

Cadyn, Call to Artist-50

Cadyn, Call to Artist-52

Cadyn, Call to Artist-53

Cadyn, Call to Artist-54

Q. What are your future goals?

I plan on taking Gathered as far as I can, at the very least to a point where it is sustaining us as a family. I opened in April 2013 and already I’ve had such a positive, welcoming response from locals and travelers alike that I am so grateful for. I’m excited to say that I’ve gone from supporting about ten artists in the beginning to more than seventy now, the vast majority of which are local, or at least Virginia makers. Drew and I are also discussing expanding Immortal Mountain to include herbal tinctures from our land, as well as dried herbs and plant starts (all of which will be available at Gathered in the future…) And I’m of course going to continue with my beadwork. I don’t think it’s possible for me to have just one single focus in life. There’s too much to explore!

Cadyn, Call to Artist-56

Cadyn, Call to Artist-57

Cadyn, Call to Artist-58

Cadyn, Call to Artist-60

Cadyn, Call to Artist-64

Cadyn, Call to Artist-67

Cadyn, Call to Artist-68

Cadyn, Call to Artist-69

Cadyn, Call to Artist-48

Q. Where can we follow you?,

on Instagram as gatheredshop.

I also have a personal Instagram account as cadynspeziale where I post photos of my own work and inspiration I come across 

and a sporadically-tended blog

The Broadhead Family

Repeat clients. They are the best.  We decided to do part of this session at Glen Manor Vineyards in Browntown, VA.  I can’t wait to go back to do a tasting. The views are to.die.for.

B Boys, Blog-32

The grapes are on top of that open field, just above the sun shade in this picture:

B Boys, Blog

This family. These boys. Both had recent birthdays.

B Boys, Blog-2

B Boys, Blog-3

B Boys, Blog-4 B Boys, Blog-5

B Boys, Blog-6

B Boys, Blog-7

B Boys, Blog-8

This image is such a great representation of this time in their lives. Running in opposite directions.

B Boys, Blog-9

B Boys, Blog-10 B Boys, Blog-11

B Boys, Blog-12

B Boys, Blog-13

B Boys, Blog-14

B Boys, Blog-15

B Boys, Blog-16

B Boys, Blog-17

B Boys, Blog-18

B Boys, Blog-19

B Boys, Blog-20

B Boys, Blog-21 B Boys, Blog-24

B Boys, Blog-25

B Boys, Blog-22

B Boys, Blog-23

B Boys, Blog-26 B Boys, Blog-27

B Boys, Blog-28

B Boys, Blog-29 B Boys, Blog-30

B Boys, Blog-31

B Boys, Blog-33

B Boys, Blog-34

B Boys, Blog-36

B Boys, Blog-37

B Boys, Blog-38 B Boys, Blog-39

B Boys, Blog-40

B Boys, Blog-41

B Boys, Blog-42

B Boys, Blog-43

B Boys, Blog-44

B Boys, Blog-45 B Boys, Blog-46

B Boys, Blog-47

Clem Family| Hart’s Desire Children’s Photographer| Rappahannock County, VA


Cousins. I had so much fun with these guys. We had to reschedule this session 3 different times for various reasons but I think it all was for the best in the end. 

We got to play with bubbles, run in fields, and lay in the grass. Oh, and I’m slightly obsessed with the girls hair.

C Family Blog

C Family Blog-2

C Family Blog-3

C Family Blog-4 C Family Blog-5 

C Family Blog-7

C Family Blog-8

C Family Blog-9

C Family Blog-10

C Family Blog-11

C Family Blog-12

C Family Blog-13

C Family Blog-14 C Family Blog-15

C Family Blog-16

C Family Blog-17

C Family Blog-18

C Family Blog-19

C Family Blog-20

C Family Blog-21

C Family Blog-22

C Family Blog-23

C Family Blog-24

C Family Blog-25

C Family Blog-26

C Family Blog-27

C Family Blog-28

C Family Blog-29

C Family Blog-30

C Family Blog-31

C Family Blog-32 C Family Blog-33

C Family Blog-34

oh the freckles and lashes

C Family Blog-35

C Family Blog-36

C Family Blog-37

C Family Blog-38

C Family Blog-39 C Family Blog-40

C Family Blog-41

C Family Blog-42

C Family Blog-43

C Family Blog-44

C Family Blog-45

Amy + Steve Engaged | Hart’s Desire Couples Photographer

Congratulations to the new couple and the new family they have created together.

Landis, Blog-1

Landis, Blog-2

Landis, Blog-3

Landis, Blog-5

Landis, Blog-6

Landis, Blog-4 Landis, Blog-7

Landis, Blog-8

Landis, Blog-9

Landis, Blog-10

Landis, Blog-11

Landis, Blog-12

Landis, Blog-13

Landis, Blog-14 Landis, Blog-15

Landis, Blog-16

Landis, Blog-17

Landis, Blog-29 Landis, Blog-18

Landis, Blog-19

Landis, Blog-20

Landis, Blog-21

Landis, Blog-22 Landis, Blog-31

Landis, Blog-23

Landis, Blog-24

Landis, Blog-25

Landis, Blog-26

Landis, Blog-27

Landis, Blog-28

Landis, Blog-30

Landis, Blog-32

Landis, Blog-33

Landis, Blog-34

Landis, Blog-35

Landis, Blog-36

Landis, Blog-37

Landis, Blog-38

Landis, Blog-39

Landis, Blog-40

Landis, Blog-41

Landis, Blog-42

Landis, Blog-43

Landis, Blog-44

Landis, Blog-45

Landis, Blog-46

Landis, Blog-47

Landis, Blog-48

Landis, Blog-49

Landis, Blog-50

Baby “K” | Hart’s Desire Newborn Photographer

Meet my newest nephew, baby k. He’s just as sweet as he can be. I got to meet him on Easter and snap a few pictures of him and his momma.

K Newborn-1

K Newborn-2

K Newborn-3

K Newborn-4

K Newborn-5

K Newborn-6 K Newborn-8

K Newborn-7

K Newborn-9

K Newborn-10

K Newborn-11

K Newborn-13

K Newborn-12

Baby H | Hart’s Desire Photography

Baby H was already a month old when I got to meet him. He is such a handsome boy. I know he makes his mom and dad proud. They did good.

Baby Phillips, Blog-1

Baby Phillips, Blog-2 Baby Phillips, Blog-3

Baby Phillips, Blog-4 

Baby Phillips, Blog-5

Baby Phillips, Blog-6

Baby Phillips, Blog-7

Baby Phillips, Blog-8

Baby Phillips, Blog-9

Baby Phillips, Blog-10

Baby Phillips, Blog-11

Baby Phillips, Blog-12

Baby Phillips, Blog-13

Baby Phillips, Blog-14

Baby Phillips, Blog-15

Baby Phillips, Blog-16

Baby Phillips, Blog-18

Baby Phillips, Blog-17

Baby Phillips, Blog-19

Baby Phillips, Blog-20

Baby Phillips, Blog-21

Baby Phillips, Blog-22

Baby Phillips, Blog-23

Baby Phillips, Blog-24

Baby Phillips, Blog-25

Baby Phillips, Blog-26

Baby Phillips, Blog-27

Baby Phillips, Blog-28

Baby Phillips, Blog-29

Baby Phillips, Blog-30

Baby Phillips, Blog-31

Baby Phillips, Blog-32

Baby Phillips, Blog-33 Baby Phillips, Blog-34

Baby Phillips, Blog-35

Baby Phillips, Blog-36

Baby Phillips, Blog-37

Baby Phillips, Blog-38

Baby Phillips, Blog-39

Baby Phillips, Blog-40

Baby Phillips, Blog-41