The End

A little over 6 years ago, when my son was just a few months old, my husband bought me a Canon Rebel T2i so I could capture our growing boy. I taught myself how to shoot in manual, and slowly got better and better with the camera. Soon I was capturing my friends and their families. A friend and fellow photographer asked me to second shoot her niece’s wedding.  That wedding gave me the courage to start my photography business.

I have watched families of my clients grow, capturing some of their sweetest moments and I am grateful for the experience.  As with every chapter, or season of life, there comes a point when it comes to an end, and for me that season is now.

For those that don’t know me personally, I have worked a full time job while growing my photography business.  Over the last year, I have taken even less clients than years past to spend more time with my family. I savored that time with my family but I’ll admit something. I’m greedy. I’m selfish. I want more. More time.  More time doing other activities that I love. I want to travel more. Hike more. Garden more. Continue on the healthy lifestyle I have been on.  I want to become more involved with my son’s school life, and I want to learn new hobbies. Photography is a huge part of my life and I will continue to document my life and the life of my family.

But at this point in my life, I need to be greedy and selfish with my time and so it’s a bittersweet decision but I’ve decided to close the client session side of my business.

I will not be quitting photography. It is too ingrained in my heart and soul.  If you follow me on Facebook, you noticed I changed the name of my page from Hart’s Desire Photography to Sarah Hart Morgan, Photographer. Since I am closing the client side of my business, it seemed only fitting to close the name and switch to my name since I’ll be shooting only personal work.

I will not be posting to this blog anymore. The blog will expire later in the year. If you wish to follow my documentary, stock, and fine art portfolios, you can find me on my new site-

I will be opening a new online store to sell my affordable Fine Art prints which you’ll be able to find via my new site.

Thank you to everyone who supported and believed in me over the last 6 years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without each and every one of you and the love you’ve shown for me and my work.

Thank you.




Brightwell| Hart’s Desire Family Documentary Photographer

Oh how I love this little family. I’ve documented baby B’s parents engagement and then wedding. Watching and documenting their family grow from 2 to now 3 has been such a blessing. THIS is why I’m only offering in-home documentary photography for families in 2016. Documenting your REAL life, real connections, real emotions. Because REAL IS BEAUTIFUL.  You feel most comfortable in your own home so it feels only natural to document you where are you most comfortable.

D Family-1D Family-2D Family-13

D Family-6

D Family-7

D Family-8

D Family-3

D Family-48

D Family-16

D Family-17D Family-5

D Family-10

D Family-4

D Family-12

D Family-11D Family-21D Family-14

D Family-15

D Family-19

D Family-42

D Family-46D Family-44

D Family-43

D Family-47

D Family-45

D Family-20

D Family-18

D Family-51

D Family-53

D Family-9D Family-22

D Family-25

D Family-23

D Family-24

D Family-27

D Family-28

D Family-26

D Family-31D Family-33

D Family-34

D Family-38

D Family-40

D Family-30

D Family-29

D Family-41

D Family-35D Family-32

D Family-36

D Family-39D Family-52D Family-50

D Family-49

Book Your Session Now!

In an attempt to keep a balance in life and to help me grow as an artist, I’ve decided to limit the number of days I am open for sessions.  I work full-time in addition to photography and enjoy MANY extra curricular activities that all helps keep the creative juices flowing and I’ve learned over the last year that the balance is key to keeping me inspired. As of right now, I don’t have a set schedule, I will be making it up as I go as my family is #1 and it has to work around them. 

My next scheduled session dates are June 6 & 7.  If you have been thinking of scheduling a session with me; I would encourage you to do it now as I’m thinking this will be it until the weather starts to cool in the fall.

I am willing to travel a bit on these dates in an effort to keep everyone’s sessions unique to their families and personalities.

These dates are open to just about everyone: families, seniors, children, couples, and I might be able to squeeze in a boudoir session as well!

Thanks to all my existing clients and to those new who have stuck with me during this transition. I do believe that this new schedule will help me to grow as an artist in new avenues that I wish to explore and will also benefit my clients in their authentic images I am able to capture for them.

*if these June dates don’t work for your and/or you are interested in booking in the fall please be sure to send me an email at and to like my Facebook page as I will open my book up to those individuals first before I announce it on Facebook. 


Broadhead boys-22

Happy Mother’s Day

As we take this weekend to honor our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts, god mothers, and mother-like figures in our lives, I thought I’d take today’s blog post to showcase some of my favorite mother images I’ve taken over the years.

Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.

B Family, Blog-18


Baby Phillips, Blog-29

J Blog-1

L&M Wedding-11

J Blog-30

Baby E-30

B Family, Blog-3



Ruger, Blog-3

B Family, Blog-19

Baby Johns-Blog-39

J Blog-24

Baby Johns-Blog-37

S Blog-44

K Newborn-10

Baby Phillips, Blog-14

L&M Wedding-35


Valasko (20 of 25)

Landis, Blog-21

J Blog-3



Baby E-25

J Blog-36

L Blog-40

Baby Johns-Blog-3

Landis, Blog-20

K Newborn-12

Baby Phillips, Blog-24


Baby “K” | Hart’s Desire Newborn Photographer

Meet my newest nephew, baby k. He’s just as sweet as he can be. I got to meet him on Easter and snap a few pictures of him and his momma.

K Newborn-1

K Newborn-2

K Newborn-3

K Newborn-4

K Newborn-5

K Newborn-6 K Newborn-8

K Newborn-7

K Newborn-9

K Newborn-10

K Newborn-11

K Newborn-13

K Newborn-12

Baby H | Hart’s Desire Photography

Baby H was already a month old when I got to meet him. He is such a handsome boy. I know he makes his mom and dad proud. They did good.

Baby Phillips, Blog-1

Baby Phillips, Blog-2 Baby Phillips, Blog-3

Baby Phillips, Blog-4 

Baby Phillips, Blog-5

Baby Phillips, Blog-6

Baby Phillips, Blog-7

Baby Phillips, Blog-8

Baby Phillips, Blog-9

Baby Phillips, Blog-10

Baby Phillips, Blog-11

Baby Phillips, Blog-12

Baby Phillips, Blog-13

Baby Phillips, Blog-14

Baby Phillips, Blog-15

Baby Phillips, Blog-16

Baby Phillips, Blog-18

Baby Phillips, Blog-17

Baby Phillips, Blog-19

Baby Phillips, Blog-20

Baby Phillips, Blog-21

Baby Phillips, Blog-22

Baby Phillips, Blog-23

Baby Phillips, Blog-24

Baby Phillips, Blog-25

Baby Phillips, Blog-26

Baby Phillips, Blog-27

Baby Phillips, Blog-28

Baby Phillips, Blog-29

Baby Phillips, Blog-30

Baby Phillips, Blog-31

Baby Phillips, Blog-32

Baby Phillips, Blog-33 Baby Phillips, Blog-34

Baby Phillips, Blog-35

Baby Phillips, Blog-36

Baby Phillips, Blog-37

Baby Phillips, Blog-38

Baby Phillips, Blog-39

Baby Phillips, Blog-40

Baby Phillips, Blog-41

Baby J | Hart’s Desire Newborn Photographer

I can’t say enough good things about this family. They are great friends as well as clients of mine. I’ve gotten to watch their family grow over the last 15 years and when they found out a new little girl was joining their family, I was beyond excited.  You can see their family grow here, here, and here.


Baby Johns-Blog-47

Baby Johns-Blog-50 Baby Johns-Blog-51

Baby Johns-Blog-48

Baby Johns-Blog-49

Baby Johns-Blog-52

Baby Johns-Blog-1

Baby Johns-Blog-2

Baby Johns-Blog-3 Baby Johns-Blog-4

Baby Johns-Blog-5

Baby Johns-Blog-6 Baby Johns-Blog-7

Baby Johns-Blog-8

Baby Johns-Blog-9

Baby Johns-Blog-10

Baby Johns-Blog-11

Baby Johns-Blog-12

Baby Johns-Blog-13

Baby Johns-Blog-14 Baby Johns-Blog-15 Baby Johns-Blog-16

Baby Johns-Blog-17

Baby Johns-Blog-18

Baby Johns-Blog-19 Baby Johns-Blog-20

Baby Johns-Blog-21 Baby Johns-Blog-22

Baby Johns-Blog-23

Baby Johns-Blog-24

Baby Johns-Blog-25 Baby Johns-Blog-26

Baby Johns-Blog-27 Baby Johns-Blog-29

Baby Johns-Blog-28

Baby Johns-Blog-30 Baby Johns-Blog-31

Baby Johns-Blog-32 Baby Johns-Blog-33

Baby Johns-Blog-34

Baby Johns-Blog-35

Baby J was a little gassy, mom’s touch relaxed and put her right to sleep.

Baby Johns-Blog-36

favorite image from this session

Baby Johns-Blog-37

Baby Johns-Blog-38

Baby Johns-Blog-39

Baby Johns-Blog-40 

Baby Johns-Blog-41 Baby Johns-Blog-43

Baby Johns-Blog-42

Baby Johns-Blog-45 Baby Johns-Blog-46

Baby Johns-Blog-44

2013 Favorites

With the new year in full force, I wanted to once again so Thank You! for an amazing 2013! I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from this past year. I can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring.  Prepare for a picture heavy post. Enjoy!










B Family, Blog-4

B Family, Blog-5

B Family, Blog-16

B Family, Blog-22

B Family, Blog-42

B Family, Blog-44 B Family, Blog-51

 B Family, Blog-59

B Family, Blog-3

B Family, Blog-11

B Family, Blog-19

B Family, Blog-25

K Senior-13

K Senior-20

K Senior-23

K Senior-25

K Senior-33

K Senior-37

K Senior-40

K Senior-45

Kindall Wedding-29

Kindall Wedding-35

Kindall Wedding-53

Kindall Wedding-89





J & S blog-2

J & S blog-14

J & S blog-18

J & S blog-24

J & S blog-36

J Blog-1

J Blog-7

J Blog-15

J Blog-18

J Blog-29












Cherie Senior-2

Cherie Senior-15

Cherie Senior-17

Cherie Senior-22

Cherie Senior-28

Cherie Senior-33










L Blog-9

L Blog-18

L Blog-25

L Blog-33

L Blog-40

L Blog-73


Blog-11 Blog-13






M Boudoir-3

M Boudoir-5

M Boudoir-8

L&M Wedding-9

L&M Wedding-22

L&M Wedding-23

L&M Wedding-26

L&M Wedding-31

L&M Wedding-37

L&M Wedding-42

L&M Wedding-65

L&M Wedding-68

L&M Wedding-75

L&M Wedding-90







Catie Blog-13

Catie Blog-16

Catie Blog-25

Catie Blog-33

Catie Blog-36

Peacock Blog-2

Peacock Blog-11

Peacock Blog-15

Peacock Blog-17

Peacock Blog-31

Peacock Blog-36

Peacock Blog-39

Baby E-3

Baby E-20

Baby E-30

Baby E-31

Baby E-38






Ruger, Blog-3

Ruger, Blog-14

Ruger, Blog-19

Ruger, Blog-26

Ruger, Blog-33

Ruger, Blog-37

Ruger, Blog-50

Ruger, Blog-53

S Blog-4

S Blog-13

S Blog-15

S Blog-20

S Blog-29

S Blog-33

Thomas-Call to artists-2

Thomas-Call to artists-12

Thomas-Call to artists-17

Thomas-Call to artists-22

Thomas-Call to artists-32

Thomas-Call to artists-48








What a great year 2013 was.  I can’t WAIT to see what 2014 will bring!