Wing Back Chair {Before & After}

So last summer I picked up this chair for a whopping $12 at a yard sale. It had good bones but the fabric had seen better days. It was dirty, stained, faded, with holes on the ottoman.



There was skirting around the entire chair and ottoman that was severely stained.  After a thorough steam cleaning session of the entire chair I removed the skirting . My guess is that the ottoman didn’t originally come with the chair. The leg style and color are different than the legs on the chair. I assumed this set had been upholstered together many years ago.

IMG_0534 IMG_0535


The back of the chair’s fabric was faded; it must have been close to a window during it’s former life. I kind of liked that though.


I knew I wanted to have fun with this chair and do something a little different. I bought several colors of RIT dye and thought about painting the chair’s fabric. I used the strips of skirting for testing purposes but quickly realized this wasn’t the best option in this case.  The fabric took the dye differently in spots and the end result was a splotchy mess.

This is what I came up with:


The first thing I did was paint the exposed woodwork so everything matched. I had some left over gray paint from my Kitchen Island and I also added a tinted glaze over that to bring out the detail.

I decided to make a new cushion cover for the chair and re-upholster the ottoman in the same fabric. This fabric came from Hobby Lobby. I took the original chair cover apart to create a new pattern and used it to cut out my fabric.  The piping I’ve had for years, I picked it up at a yard sale one summer.


I used some different trims for the edging of the ottoman and chair. Some I had on hand and some I picked up at Hobby Lobby also.  They don’t match each other but it doesn’t bother me.





It is a great spot to read and snuggle with my little man. I picked up the back pillow from Big Lots for $20.





And now for the final side by side shots:


IMG_0531 Chair-1

And just incase anyone was wondering, the butterfly shade came from a local boutique, you can find more about my artwork frame here, the wood stool was picked up at a yard sale, and my Life is Good mug can be found at Hallmark.


Kitchen Island Update

Way back in September, Heather contacted me to say she loved my island and included it in a daily roundup.  When I checked out her blog (a TON of great ideas all in one place!) I realized how much our kitchen/dinning room had changed since I took that first picture of our island. I realized then that I needed to do a little before and after update and 3 months later I’m finally getting around to it!

So this is what I first posted:

When I first took this picture, we were just finishing up our Kitchen renovation, you can check it out here.  Notice the old light fixture that had been zipped tied to keep heads from knocking into it. 

And here is what it looked like in September:


The new light fixture that hangs over the island was created using a large antique pulley, a pendant light kit, and some sort of country looking knick knack that started as what I think was a bell.  You can also check out my post on the collage wall of here and the post on the DIY curtains that are in the dinning room.


On one side of the wall, I’ve hung 3 wooden crates in various sizes for storage.  The other side of the wall holds my DIY Riddling Rack


We’ve kept one of the original bar stools for little man, and I picked two of these for $8/piece!


Before                                                               After:



It definitely looks and feels more lived in, I just wish I could keep it looking this cluttered free everyday!


Have a great Monday!


Before & After {Boy’s Bedroom}

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a before and after, huh? I actually did this little makeover in March for little man’s birthday. It was time to get rid of his toddler bed and give him a ‘real bed’.

We started with this before he was born. A very gender neutral room since we didn’t know what we were having.

I did this makeover in one day because it was a surprise to little man. I kept the wall color, the paint job still looked good and it’s a green that goes with everything.


When I talked with little man about what he wanted for his ‘big boy room’ he said he wanted a loveseat like mommy and daddy have.  This loveseat was in our den and rarely used. Now, it gets used every day. It was a yard sale find a few years ago from a Model House.


The dresser was passed down from my husband’s grandparents. It was originally in blonde wood that came from a smoke filled home. It needed a paint job.  I painted it in Antique White and did a paint technique to make it look older and give it more character. There is a ton of storage in this dresser!


The lamps were a Goodwill find.  I knew they would be perfect for this makeover. Unfortunately, the only shades I could find that would fit a harp style lamp were these plain jane shades. I dressed them up with a little burlap hot glued on.



A sunburst frame I picked up at a yard sale a few years ago holds lots of snapshots. Little man has enjoyed looking at these since I hung them up.


I picked up the mirror hanger from a thrift store a few years ago knowing that one day I would have a use for it. The round mirror was given to me by a friend and also used to be hung in the den unused.


This wood piece is left over fencing from another project. I sanded it very well, stained it several different colors, sanded it again, and sealed it. I wanted something large to take up wall space and something we could hang pictures, artwork, etc. and that would be easy to change out.  Pictures are hung with plumbing tape.




My dad made this bed for me when I was a teenager. I love that now it gets used every day for my son.  The toy box was also made by my dad for little man’s 1st birthday.


The stool came from Ikea years ago. I have no idea if they still sell it. It’s been painted different colors at different times. It’s now navy with torn scrapbook paper decoupage on.


I picked up 2 vintage crates 2 years ago at a consignment store. It makes the perfect “garage” for matchbox cars. Each cubby can hold 4 cars!



The comforter is from the Better Homes and Garden line at Walmart.



An old wooden stool acts as an end table


A bear rug adds to the rustic touch


These tractor prints were picked up at a yard sale 2 years ago and I’ve been hording them for the right time. I simply cut the paper and used clipboards to hold them. The clipboards make it easy to change out artwork as little man’s tastes change.


My dad made the bookcase for me as a gift when I was pregnant to hold all of the little golden books that were mine as a child.


I picked up these scatter rugs at an auction.



The bunting was made from men’s dress shirts I picked up at Goodwill.



Even Harley likes it


A Birthday, Anniversary, and a SALE!!!

Tomorrow is the 1st Blogiversary of Hart’s Desire Creations!  It also happens to be my 31st {shhh…don’t tell anyone!} Birthday! Last year about this time I was having a mini life crisis turning the big 3-0. I felt like my life was great but I was still missing some sort of creative outlet. I’ve  always been a creative person, but I was feeling like I also needed to share that with other creatives out there. So on a whim I logged into wordpress and published my first post. 178 posts later here we are!   A lot has changed over the last year. I’m now ok with being in my 30s, my son has gotten one year older {maybe 15 years older if you count the attitude he can sometimes show}, my house has changed A LOT in the past year, and I’m in a very happy place.  Life is GOOD!

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DIY Riddling Rack PS. Stay tuned because I have several Riddling Racks I’ll be selling in the next few weeks. Send me an email if you are interested!

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Charleston, SC

One of the best things that’ happened since I started this blog is the opportunities that have come my way.  It’s amazing what putting yourself “out there” on the internet can do for you. Don’t get me wrong, it can be crazy scary and you sometimes get negative feedback, but for me, it’s been a positive. I encourage anyone in the same predicament I was last year to get over the fear and just ‘do it’. You never know what might lie ahead! I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great people for creative collaborations.  For furniture re-design, interior decorating, party planning, and even starting a fun ‘craft day’ for some awesome women that I am glad to be able to call my friends.

But what I’m most excited about right now is the photography opportunities that have started coming my way in the last few months. I never, ever imagined I would be taking pictures for OTHER people. To be able to freeze time so in the future they can look back on their happy times makes me so happy. To see their joy and love and be able to capture that in pictures has been so rewarding and fulfilling. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me and I hope you all will come along with me!


And so to celebrate the Blogiversary I’m having a SALE in my Etsy Shop!  Enjoy 15% off your total order for the entire month of May!  Simply use the coupon code HDC15 at checkout. That’s it! Easy Peasy. And if you are local, let me know if you have bought something, I can refund the shipping cost and we can work out the delivery. I’ll be adding new things over the next week so be sure to check back often! I’ve got 25 new rings to add to the shop, YES you heard that right! 25 new rings!!!!

Thanks to all of you who continue to come back here again and again! I couldn’t do it without you! Now, get out there and enjoy this weekend! I know I will!


Before & After {Chest of Drawers}

This chest of drawers started as a plain Jane white chest with a stained green top and matching wood knobs.



It’s been transformed into a stunning chest of drawers for an equally stunning 5 year old little girl.



A gray paint job, a little distressing here and there, and pink glass knobs bring out the beauty in this piece.











And a final before:



And the final After:



I’m hoping my client will take a picture showing the entire room.  It is a pretty awesome room for a little girl!

A Refashion {Blazer Jacket}

My new favorite color is navy right now. I can’t get enough. I love it in clothing and furniture design. I’m just waiting for that perfect piece of furniture to paint navy and call it my own.  So, while I wait for that perfect piece of furniture to find it’s way to me I’ll settle for this little blazer.

{check out the rock’n old school transition lenses pre-laser surgery.  Hot stuff right?! lol}


I picked it up at my local Goodwill. Check out this awesome buttons and shoulder pads





I used a blazer I already know fits me well and used it as a template for the new hem



I cropped the sleeves, took out the shoulder pads, and removed the buttons


I added a simple pewter button and my new blazer was ready to wear!




A new series…

Last June I took a week off work to get a few projects done around the house. One of those projects was to repaint our master bedroom.  I was hesitant to share it because it was more of a makeunder.



The bedroom started with this blue. I believe it is Raindrop by Sherwin Williams.  A few years ago I got the bright idea to also paint the ceiling blue. I glazed it so it was wispy like the sky.



But the carpet is also blue. More of a blue-gray.  Then 2 years ago I bought this awesome blue tufted sofa at a yard sale.


But after a while it just looked like a sea of different shades of blue.  Bor-ing!



Don’t worry, that’s not dirty laundry, it’s the “to be donated’” pile; and it’s gone nowSmile



What really sparked the entire paint job? This hideous white fan.


one of the metal arms snapped during use. I can’t be without a fan so I went to Lowes to get a new one.

During my trip the wheels started turning and after having a conversation with myself I knew if I was going to take the fan down I really should repaint the ceiling while I’m at it. But. If I was going to paint the ceiling I’d have to paint the walls too…





I took every gallon and quart of every beige-y paint I had left over and mixed it all in a 5 galloon bucket for a custom color. I had just enough to do the walls after painting the ceiling with a gallon of ceiling paint.

Here is a hint at the finished paint job



And the fan that started it all.



I thought it would be fun to start a new series called, Evolution of a Bedroom

Evolution of a Bedroom

I don’t know how long this series will last and the postings might be a little erratic without a scheduled timeline but that’s how I like it. The bedroom will evolve very organically and I’ll take you every step of the way.  I already have some ideas for a new headboard and a change to the seating arrangement at the foot of the bed. 

Will you come along for the ride?

Craft room progress

progress is being made on the craft room.  It’s still not ‘photo ready’, there is still plenty of work to be done. I’ve been doing a little bit each night after dinner so it’s slow moving… but it’s progress..

I snapped a few pictures of progress


~Stamped tags keep boxes organized

~Spools of ribbon are kept together on holders I made on the fly

~baskets of fabric scraps

~bobbins of thread are finally organized and all in one spot

~chandy in the craft room

~shelves hold my props

~a new dresser I picked up Friday from Goodwill houses all of my jewelry supplies. I wish I had gotten a before pic, the little makeover I did really gave it a new life

~a huge glass jar holds vintage lace

~baskets holding wrapping paper and misc supplies just waiting to be hung


Progress feels good.


The Styling of a Bookcase

The month of October was dedicated to cleaning and organizing my house. I got rid of 5 boxes of clothes that didn’t fit little man in edition to a bunch of baby toys he generously donated to a needy family.  I went through the drawers in the vanities in the bathrooms, cleaned out the filing cabinets, threw out a bunch of trash, and donated a lot too.  The only thing left to do is get to the basement. That’s a job in itself!

One of the things I’d been wanting to get to was my bookcase in the den.  It was starting to get out of hand.






It had looked nice at one time but over time it started to get a little messy.

Our photo albums were taking up the bulk of the space and some were too big and didn’t fit on the shelves properly.  I decided to move them all to the vintage suitcases I have in the space that at as a table.  This way, they are all stored together and my thought was that if God forbid there was ever a fire, if I could, they would be easy and quick to grab.


I also decided to add a little texture to the back of the bookcases.  I trimmed some brown kraft wrapping paper to size and secured it with mounting putty.


When styling a bookcase I tend to do mini groups of books, adding accessories along the way.  Stacking books horizontally and vertically adds interest while the accessories you add can help bring your personality to the space.  I added the dried gourds I picked up at last weeks yard sale for fall, when Christmas comes, I’ll add a few ornaments or winter greenery to suggest the season.

Here are the details

A birds nest little man and I found while trimming trees

IMG_1483 IMG_1482

Old books authored by a neighbor



A ceramic figure painted by a family member symbolizing my husband, his sister, and their granddad



I have a lot of black and red in the things on my bookcase so I tried to keep that running throughout the shelves so your eye takes you through the entire bookcase.






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I hope everyone has a great day!


Before & After {The kitchen remodel}

You might have noticed a few changes to the blog this morning.  I’m working on a new blog header, which I think I’m close to. I’m new to this and I’m doing it all myself with no fancy computer software. Just Picasa and Picnik. So far, I’m happy with it. I’m also planning on organizing and updating some of the tab pages. So bare with me.  Back to the matter at hand…


I know, this post is long over due. I think I promised it what, 3 times? I’ve decided I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep.  Maybe from now on, I’ll just give you guys a little teaser without promising anything and then BAM! I’ll hit you with something fab. Who knows. Anyway, Let’s get to it. As promised, here is the kitchen before & after.  It took many stages to get where it is today.

We started our kitchen and bathroom remodel earlier this year in March. Our house was built in 1988 so the kitchen was pretty typical from that time. Maple cabinets, blue laminate counter tops, L-shaped peninsula that held the cook-top, dated appliances,  linoleum floors, and a small eat-in area. It was completely cut off from the rest of the first floor with a butler door connecting the kitchen to the dinning room.

sorry these pictures are so small; I had to take them from my flickr pool because the original pictures are on my old computer which kicked the bucket 2 years ago.

We walk into our house from the garage door which is just past the washer and dryer. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by the washer and dryer on the left and a 1/2 bath on the right.  No mudroom to drop your stuff off at the door.  I did find a solution during this last renovation and I’ll get to it in the bathroom before & after post. Again, no promises. One day you’ll wake up and BAM! it will be there.

When we moved in, the finish on the cabinets was looking very bad, and the whole thing was just so dark you really didn’t want to cook in it.

The first upgrade I did was about 6 years ago. I took a weekend to paint the kitchen cabinets and add new hardware. It’s amazing what can be done with a gallon of paint.   It was quite the undertaking, I did all the work myself with extremely late nights and early mornings to get it all done over one weekend but it was totally worth it. It completely transformed the look and feel of the kitchen. I was extremely proud of the job I did. It was the biggest paint job I’ve done to date and it’s still holding up.

Then, about 4 years ago we upgraded our appliances, added a new light fixture, new faucet, and added new peel and stick linoleum tiles.

The chalkboard wall was also added.

We saved our pennies and the time finally came when we were able to do a real remodel.

We knew we wanted hardwood floors throughout the main level. We went with an engineered hardwood in 3 widths in a medium brown with a hand scraped finish.

We kept our kitchen cabinets instead of buying new. There was nothing wrong with our cabinets and it saved us a ton of money. We did take out the corner cabinet by the original peninsula, it had a turnaround in it that didn’t work, so there was no need to keep it. We swapped the cabinet that holds the cooktop for the cabinet that was in the original dead area between the fridge and wall oven. Swapping those created one long row of work space on the outer wall and the other for a new home for the cook top.

The cabinet that held the cook-top was smaller than the one we moved to the other side of the kitchen which left spaces on either side of the cook-top for pull out spice racks; which I was ecstatic about. But I was less than thrilled with the price of the spice cabinet itself.  $300 for a 5″ wide spice cabinet. And I needed 2.  So I ordered the “guts” of the cabinet off Amazon for 1/2 the price and our contractor built the cabinet front and sides for us.  We attached the decorative posts to the front. I stained them with 2 different color stains to achieve the antique look.

We also decided to open up the wall between the kitchen and the dinning room to match the opening from the dining to the living room.



This was the only major snag we ran into during the entire process. During demo of the wall, the contractor ran into a water line so that had to be moved into the outer wall. Sorry, no pictures of that.

We bought our granite from the 2nd’s pile from Luckstone Corporation. It was one if the most expensive granites and is available by special order only. It’s called Golden Ivory. We got it cheaper than what any normal granite would have cost anywhere else. We were lucky in that we don’t have as much counter space as a new, bigger kitchen does so we really didn’t need that much and the Golden Ivory was what was leftover from another custom job. There was even enough in the pile that we ordered the taller tile back splash and enough to cover the whole wall behind the cook-top.

The granite has the same blue as the old blue canning jars running through it so it was my starting point in designing the rest if the kitchen. I used a blue canning jar to create the pendant light over the original porcelain kitchen sink.

The paint is called Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams. It is this gorgeous blue gray color that changes with the light. It really helped to open up the kitchen even more. I took that gray into the laundry area which also acts as our entryway into the house.

I love the color so much, I might be using it in the den soon.

Since we opened up the wall to the dining room, we had this sort if dead space that used to be the eat in part of the original kitchen.


I had a small table with two chairs in the original kitchen that we rarely used  which worked for the old floor plan.  But with the wall removed the dining room table was only steps away from the  old eat in space with no division between the two.  So we decided to bring in an island with a counter top with an overhang so we could bring in a few bar stools.

It was one of the biggest design concerns in the end trying to figure out what size of an island the space could hold and where it should sit. We always new we wanted a piece of furniture to serve as an island with an overhang to house a few bar stools. In the end, we ended with the island I shared a while ago.

It stores a few small appliances that were once held in the basement along with our knife set and other utensils, and odds and ends.

New light fixtures, curtains, and storage solutions were also added to make our new kitchen what it is today.

We love it, and couldn’t be happier. The island is used on a daily basis, and we can actually have more than one person in the kitchen at the same time without completely getting in each others way.

And now for the money shots.







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And the kitchen stayed this clean and organized for about 12 hours. It’s back to reality now. Dishes always needing to be done, clean dishes drying on the counter top, papers waiting to be filed, and what-nots   laying around.  Such is life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Have a great day!