Sedona, AZ

My husband and I took a mini getaway to visit a friend who is currently in AZ. It was the first time we’ve really been away from our son. It was weird. And fun. And quiet. And weird-not having a 6 year old with us.

We were staying in Cottonwood but traveled to Sedona most days. We did a lot of hiking this trip. The weather is incredible. Sunny, blue skies. The sun is intense as soon as it pops up. I never really noticed a ‘sunset’ like we have hear in VA. The sunsets we saw was the light setting against the rocks.  I have no other time of year to compare the weather to but if you are ever looking to travel to Arizona, I highly recommend October.



This was a GREAT place for breakfastArizona-3Arizona-2Arizona-4Arizona-5Arizona-6Arizona-7Arizona-8Arizona-9Arizona-10Arizona-11Arizona-12Arizona-13Arizona-14

Chapel of the Holy Cross


Chapel of the Holy Cross


Have you heard of the Vortexes that are in Sedona? This is one of them.Arizona-29Arizona-30Arizona-31Arizona-32Arizona-33Arizona-34Arizona-35Arizona-36Arizona-37Arizona-38Arizona-39Arizona-40Arizona-41

This is the closest thing we saw to a ‘sunset’ as we were in a canyon most evenings. You can see the sun setting against the red rock.  It was still beautiful.Arizona-42Arizona-43

Jerome, AZ



Another AZ sunsetArizona-75Arizona-76

We took one day to travel to the Grand Canyon and took the long way to get there.Arizona-77Arizona-78Arizona-79Arizona-80

All of the locals we spoke to said we had to stop at the Cameron Trading Post if we were looking for authentic souvenirs. Next door to the trading post was a Native American Art Gallery. It did not disappoint.



The Grand CanyonArizona-88Arizona-89Arizona-90Arizona-91Arizona-92Arizona-93Arizona-94Arizona-95Arizona-96Arizona-97Arizona-98Arizona-99

While you are in Sedona you HAVE to hike the West Fork Trail.  It is an easy walking trail with the most beautiful sights. You are in the middle of the canyon with tall red rock all around.Arizona-100Arizona-101Arizona-102Arizona-103Arizona-104Arizona-105Arizona-106Arizona-107Arizona-108Arizona-109Arizona-110Arizona-111Arizona-112Arizona-113Arizona-114Arizona-115Arizona-116Arizona-117

Driving back to Phoenix to catch our flight home the desert was full of these types of cactus on either side of the highway. Some of these could be anywhere to 100 years old! Arizona-118

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