The Print Shop is now open


I’m happy to announce that the Hart’s Desire Print Shop is now open.  You have two ways to shop. You can click on the Print Shop at the top of the page on this site to find affordable art prints for sale in various sizes or you can visit my Etsy Shop and find some of my images adorning blank greeting and Thank You cards. 


HD cards-1


There are 12 different card sets available in the Etsy Shop.

Each one is printed on textured paper which can also double as art prints after the cards are given.

Simply frame and hang up!


Hart's Desire Photography8


Hart's Desire Photography10


$10 of each set of this card set, featuring food out of my garden, will be donated to the Warren County Backpack Program which provides kids in need a backpack full of food.

Enough to feed that child over a weekend.

With each set of this card purchased, that’s enough to feed TWO children over one weekend.

Hart's Desire Photography9

HD cards-3

Hart's Desire Photography11


Hart's Desire Photography12


Hart's Desire Photography13


Hart's Desire Photography14


Hart's Desire Photography15

HD cards-8

Hart's Desire Photography16


Hart's Desire Photography17


Hart's Desire Photography18


Hart's Desire Photography19

HD cards-11


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