Flo turned 90//Hart’s Desire Event Photographer


This woman. My Great-Aunt Flo.  I grew up calling her Flo-Flo. She turned 90 over the summer.  I was honored to photograph her big party.

Flo Bday-126

Flo Bday-4

Flo Bday-11

Flo Bday-16

Flo Bday-18

Flo Bday-25

Flo Bday-29

Flo Bday-33

Flo Bday-43

Flo Bday-52

Flo Bday-54

Flo Bday-68

Flo Bday-70

Flo Bday-81

Flo Bday-93

Flo Bday-95

Flo Bday-98

Flo Bday-99

Flo Bday-102

Flo Bday-113

Flo Bday-122

Flo Bday-129

Flo Bday-134

Flo Bday-141

Flo Bday-150

Flo Bday-139

Happy Birthday Flo Flo!


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