Hannah| Hart’s Desire Children’s Photographer

Hannah turned 8 this year. She is so full of life and a spark of light. I love working with her.

H Blog-1

H Blog-2

H Blog-3

H Blog-4

H Blog-5

H Blog-6

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H Blog-8 H Blog-9

H Blog-10

H Blog-11

H Blog-12

H Blog-13

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H Blog-15

H Blog-16

H Blog-17

H Blog-18

H Blog-19

H Blog-20

H Blog-21

H Blog-22

H Blog-23

H Blog-24

H Blog-25

H Blog-26

H Blog-27

H Blog-28

This girl is so sweet. She gave me her picture at the end of her session! It’s now proudly displayed in my office.

H Blog-29

On our way out we counted at least 25 deer in the field.

H Blog-30


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