Our March |Personal Post


Our March was a busy one! Here’s a recap in pictures.


Someone celebrated the big 5 early this month

March 2014-33

March 2014-34

T-ball practice started.

March 2014-39

A wine tour to Chester Gap Cellars

March 2014-47

March 2014-49

March 2014-51

March 2014-52

March 2014-55 March 2014-56

March 2014-58

And another to Rappahannock Cellars

March 2014-59

March 2014-70

March 2014-67

Spring break lead us to the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC

March 2014-86

March 2014-92

March 2014-93

March 2014-95

March 2014-101 March 2014-102

March 2014-103 March 2014-104

Look what we saw blooming while we were there!

March 2014-105

March 2014-106

March 2014-107

I think spring has finally arrived to Virginia as well! Lots of things to do-big garden to plant not to mention we are knee deep in a master bathroom renovation! I’ll be sure to share a few before and after pictures when we are finished. 

What are you all up to now that spring has finally arrived?


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