Baby J | Hart’s Desire Newborn Photographer

I can’t say enough good things about this family. They are great friends as well as clients of mine. I’ve gotten to watch their family grow over the last 15 years and when they found out a new little girl was joining their family, I was beyond excited.  You can see their family grow here, here, and here.


Baby Johns-Blog-47

Baby Johns-Blog-50 Baby Johns-Blog-51

Baby Johns-Blog-48

Baby Johns-Blog-49

Baby Johns-Blog-52

Baby Johns-Blog-1

Baby Johns-Blog-2

Baby Johns-Blog-3 Baby Johns-Blog-4

Baby Johns-Blog-5

Baby Johns-Blog-6 Baby Johns-Blog-7

Baby Johns-Blog-8

Baby Johns-Blog-9

Baby Johns-Blog-10

Baby Johns-Blog-11

Baby Johns-Blog-12

Baby Johns-Blog-13

Baby Johns-Blog-14 Baby Johns-Blog-15 Baby Johns-Blog-16

Baby Johns-Blog-17

Baby Johns-Blog-18

Baby Johns-Blog-19 Baby Johns-Blog-20

Baby Johns-Blog-21 Baby Johns-Blog-22

Baby Johns-Blog-23

Baby Johns-Blog-24

Baby Johns-Blog-25 Baby Johns-Blog-26

Baby Johns-Blog-27 Baby Johns-Blog-29

Baby Johns-Blog-28

Baby Johns-Blog-30 Baby Johns-Blog-31

Baby Johns-Blog-32 Baby Johns-Blog-33

Baby Johns-Blog-34

Baby Johns-Blog-35

Baby J was a little gassy, mom’s touch relaxed and put her right to sleep.

Baby Johns-Blog-36

favorite image from this session

Baby Johns-Blog-37

Baby Johns-Blog-38

Baby Johns-Blog-39

Baby Johns-Blog-40 

Baby Johns-Blog-41 Baby Johns-Blog-43

Baby Johns-Blog-42

Baby Johns-Blog-45 Baby Johns-Blog-46

Baby Johns-Blog-44


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