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My next Call to Artist spotlights Kendall Thomas. 

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A recent graduate of Skyline High School she discovered painting during an independent study period.


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I met Kendall on her family’s farm and watched her throw paint before heading to the river.

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Q. Tell us a little about yourself

A. “I am born and raised in Warren County grew up on the country side and graduated from skyline high school and found the passion of cooking and baking  but also found an old hobby I have found a couple years ago.”

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Q. Up until this past year, have you had any interest in art, and more specifically have you had an interest in painting?

A. “As I went through elementary, middle and high school I found the passion of art relaxes me so I fell back onto sketches and painting.  My senior year of high school I needed to fill up my classes so I took an art/wood independent study. I never knew my ability of art would ever come to this.  I found the fun of throwing paint and making designs or pictures the thing I love to do the most.  Just the outcome of the craziness of throwing a bunch of colors and turning into a picture or artwork amuses me.” 

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Q. What inspires you?

A.  “Growing up around the beautiful scenes of Warren County  with the mountains and waters; the outdoors inspire me.   Although being around the mountains all the time makes me love the ocean front views even more.  Being around water, that’s my happy place so I find myself painting more oceanic pictures. I love the bold and bight colors that just pop so mixing my own colors and looking at the fact when its all done I really just stand back and look and I’ll catch a smile on my face and think wow look what it came out to be.   Corny but the truth.” 


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Q. Tell us about your creative process-How do you go about working on a piece?

A.  “Starting a project is a bit challenging to me with all the creative thoughts rolling through my mind.  I usually just get some colors together and see how it turns out and go from there to do a floral  theme or a nature theme.” 

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Q. Since this medium is new to you, do you plan on developing your talent further?  As in, will you continue to paint?

A.  “I do think I’ll still paint as a hobby just every now and then its always nice to make something new and look back a few years and see how you’ve improved.” 

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Thank you Kendall for sharing a few hours of your time and talent!

If you or someone you know would like to be featured in my Call to Artists Project please email me so we can chat!


And be sure to leave Kendall some love!  

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