Noel + Beauge Family // Hart’s Desire Lifestyle Photographer


Instead of the traditional newborn session, Catie and I talked about doing more of a lifestyle session after their sweet baby girl came home.  I love these types of sessions. There are no set expectations, no must-have shots. Just a family being a family and I get to document that. Perfection.

I stopped by Catie and Jason’s home one evening a few weeks ago.  The girls showed me their mad hula hoop skills while Catie showed me her mad cooking skills.  There were also lots of cuddles to be had.

Catie Blog-1

Catie Blog-2

Catie Blog-3

Catie Blog-4

Catie Blog-5 Catie Blog-6

Catie Blog-7

Catie Blog-8

Catie Blog-9

Catie Blog-10

Catie Blog-11

Catie Blog-13

Catie Blog-14

Catie Blog-15

Catie Blog-16

Catie Blog-17

Catie Blog-18

Catie Blog-19 Catie Blog-20

Catie Blog-21 Catie Blog-22

Catie Blog-23

Catie Blog-24

Catie Blog-25 Catie Blog-26

Catie Blog-27

Catie Blog-28

Catie Blog-29

Catie Blog-30

Catie Blog-31 Catie Blog-32

Catie Blog-33

Catie Blog-34

Catie Blog-35

Catie Blog-36

Catie Blog-37

Catie Blog-38

Catie Blog-39

Catie Blog-40

Catie Blog-41

Catie Blog-42

Catie Blog-43

Catie Blog-48

Catie Blog-44 Catie Blog-45

Catie Blog-49

Catie Blog-46 Catie Blog-47

Catie Blog-12

Catie Blog-50 Catie Blog-52

Catie Blog-54

Catie Blog-51 Catie Blog-53

Catie Blog-55 Catie Blog-56

Catie Blog-57

Catie Blog-58

Catie Blog-59

Catie Blog-60

Catie Blog-61

Catie Blog-62.

Catie Blog-63 Catie Blog-65

Catie Blog-64

Catie Blog-66

Catie Blog-67

Catie Blog-68

Catie Blog-69

Catie Blog-70

Catie Blog-71

Catie Blog-72

Catie Blog-73

Catie Blog-74

Catie Blog-75

Catie Blog-76 Catie Blog-85

Catie Blog-86

Catie Blog-77

Catie Blog-78

Catie Blog-79

Catie Blog-80

Catie Blog-81

Catie Blog-82

Catie Blog-84

Catie Blog-83


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