Old Rag, Madison VA


last weekend we took the morning to hike Old Rag Mountain in Madison, VA. If you are local and looking for a challenging and beautiful hike I would totally recommend this one. The first part of the hike is climbing up, down, and between massive boulders in the mountain. Once we reached the summit we stopped for lunch and then headed back down the mountain which is the majority of the 8.5 mile hike itself.

Old Rag-1

Old Rag-2

Old Rag-3

Old Rag-4

Old Rag-5

Old Rag-6

Old Rag-7

Old Rag-8

Old Rag-9

Old Rag-10

Old Rag-11

Old Rag-12

Old Rag-13

Old Rag-14

Old Rag-15

Old Rag-16

Old Rag-17

Old Rag-18

Old Rag-19

Old Rag-20

Old Rag-21

Old Rag-22

Old Rag-23

Old Rag-24

Old Rag-25 Old Rag-26

Old Rag-27

Old Rag-28

Old Rag-29

Old Rag-30

Old Rag-31

Old Rag-32 

Old Rag-33 Old Rag-34

Old Rag-36

See the R painted on the rock? Those are reference points for the rescue workers. Yeah, it’s that type of hike.

Old Rag-37

Old Rag-38

Old Rag-39

Old Rag-40 

Old Rag-41

Old Rag-42

Old Rag-43

Old Rag-44

Old Rag-45

Old Rag-46

Old Rag-47

Old Rag-48

Old Rag-49

Old Rag-50

Old Rag-51

Old Rag-52

Old Rag-53

Old Rag-54

Old Rag-55

Old Rag-56

Old Rag-57 

Old Rag-58

Old Rag-59

Old Rag-60

Old Rag-61

Old Rag-62

Old Rag-63

Old Rag-64 Old Rag-65

Old Rag-66

Old Rag-67

Old Rag-68 Old Rag-69

Old Rag-70 Old Rag-71

Old Rag-72

Old Rag-73

Old Rag-74

Old Rag-75

Old Rag-76 Old Rag-77

Old Rag-78

Old Rag-79

Old Rag-80 Old Rag-81

Old Rag-82.

Old Rag-83

Old Rag-35

You can find more information about Old Rag here


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