Cherie | 2014 Senior | Hart’s Desire Senior Photographer


Cherie is a 2014 Senior at Warren County High School. She plans on studying art when she goes to college next year. We drove around to a few different locations for her session and made some art of our own.

Cherie Senior-1

Cherie Senior-2

Cherie Senior-3

Cherie Senior-4

Cherie Senior-5

Cherie Senior-6

Cherie Senior-7

Cherie Senior-8

Cherie Senior-9

Cherie Senior-10

Cherie Senior-11

Cherie Senior-12 

Cherie Senior-13

Cherie Senior-14

Cherie Senior-15

Cherie Senior-16

Cherie Senior-17

Cherie Senior-18

Cherie Senior-19

Cherie Senior-20

Cherie Senior-21

Cherie Senior-22

Cherie Senior-23

Cherie Senior-24

Cherie Senior-25

Cherie Senior-26

Cherie Senior-27

Cherie Senior-28

Cherie Senior-29

Cherie Senior-30

Cherie Senior-31

Cherie Senior-32

Cherie Senior-33

Cherie Senior-34

Cherie Senior-35

Cherie Senior-36

Cherie Senior-37

Congratulations Cherie! I wish you nothing but fun memories as you finish up your high school career. You have a bright future ahead of you!

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