“C” Turns 4! |Hart’s Desire Children’s Photographer

My little man turned 4 last month! I can’t believe how big he has gotten. It makes me happy and sad at the same time.  Happy and proud of the little man he is turning into, and sad at how fast time is flying by.

This little guy is independent, caring, smart, has a vocabulary that won’t quit, and is funny as all get out.  He amazes and inspires me everyday.


4 Year-1

4 Year-2

4 Year-3

He found a stick and was pretending it was an excavator.  The boy is nuts about heavy equipment.

4 Year-4

4 Year-5

4 Year-6

4 Year-7

4 Year-8

4 Year-9

4 Year-104 Year-114 Year-12

4 Year-134 Year-14

4 Year-15

4 Year-16


He decided to wear his tool belt for his session.  He’s got everything he needs: his Spiderman flashlight, goldfish, and a beef jerky stick for later.  What else could you need?

4 Year-174 Year-18


4 Year-19

4 Year-20

He loves his boots. Won’t wear any other shoe.

4 Year-21

4 Year-22

4 Year-23

4 Year-24

Auntie holding the excavator while he snacks.

4 Year-25

4 Year-26

4 Year-27

4 Year-28

4 Year-29

4 Year-30

4 Year-31

4 Year-32

4 Year-33

4 Year-344 Year-35

4 Year-36

4 Year-37

4 Year-38

Someone else was enjoying the warm weather!

4 Year-39

4 Year-40

4 Year-41



For those that want to capture their little ones on their own or schedule a session, I have a few words of advice.

1. Don’t stress- Littles sometimes always have their own ideas and agendas.  Sometimes it’s just best to let them do their own thing and capture them just being them.  They don’t have to look into the camera all the time, they don’t always have to smile.

2.  Think of something they like to do- Do they like to play dress up?  Maybe take a handful of dress up clothes and go into the back yard or park and just let them have fun!  Bubbles are always a good way to distract them with something fun while you snap away.

3.  Have low expectations-That’s right.  You can plan the ‘perfect’ session; down to the perfect location, outfit, hair, and time of day but almost every time you will walk away being disappointed. It all boils down to #1-smaller children will do what they want when they want. To fight them is just asking for trouble.  It’s best to just let them be themselves and work around them.  You will walk away more satisfied from your session and with more natural, beautiful pictures!

5. Work the angles- Get low, get high, go sideways.  Make sure you move around when capturing your children.  Different angles can change the perspective of what you are shooting and you can get a much more unique picture playing with angles than shooting your subject straight on.

6.  Remember the details- Don’t forget their hair, hands, feet, and other details at each stage of their life. It’s so easy to forget those cute little pigtails or wrinkly feet. So be sure to capture the details so you can be reminded for a lifetime.

7.  The most important-Have FUN!!!


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