Christmas Baby

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas filled with family, friends, and love! We had a white Christmas this year. Nothing major, just decorative snow. Little man was a little disappointed it wasn’t enough to have a snow ball fight.  I didn’t take many pictures this Christmas which disappointed me to no end BUT sometimes it’s more important to be in the moment rather than worrying about getting that great shot.

This precious little angel was such a ham for my camera. We didn’t get to spend enough time together when I took these; but I’m hoping for a round two in a few monthsSmile


Ortiz, Rylan-1

Ortiz, Rylan-4

Ortiz, Rylan-5

Ortiz, Rylan-7

Ortiz, Rylan-8

Ortiz, Rylan-9

Ortiz, Rylan-10

Ortiz, Rylan-11

Ortiz, Rylan-15

Ortiz, Rylan-16

Ortiz, Rylan-18

Ortiz, Rylan-19

Ortiz, Rylan-23

Ortiz, Rylan-26

Ortiz, Rylan-27

Ortiz, Rylan-29

Ortiz, Rylan-32

Ortiz, Rylan-35

Ortiz, Rylan-36

Ortiz, Rylan-41

Ortiz, Rylan-42

Ortiz, Rylan-46


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