Kitchen Island Update

Way back in September, Heather contacted me to say she loved my island and included it in a daily roundup.  When I checked out her blog (a TON of great ideas all in one place!) I realized how much our kitchen/dinning room had changed since I took that first picture of our island. I realized then that I needed to do a little before and after update and 3 months later I’m finally getting around to it!

So this is what I first posted:

When I first took this picture, we were just finishing up our Kitchen renovation, you can check it out here.  Notice the old light fixture that had been zipped tied to keep heads from knocking into it. 

And here is what it looked like in September:


The new light fixture that hangs over the island was created using a large antique pulley, a pendant light kit, and some sort of country looking knick knack that started as what I think was a bell.  You can also check out my post on the collage wall of here and the post on the DIY curtains that are in the dinning room.


On one side of the wall, I’ve hung 3 wooden crates in various sizes for storage.  The other side of the wall holds my DIY Riddling Rack


We’ve kept one of the original bar stools for little man, and I picked two of these for $8/piece!


Before                                                               After:



It definitely looks and feels more lived in, I just wish I could keep it looking this cluttered free everyday!


Have a great Monday!


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