“P” Family|Front Royal Family Photography

What do you get when you combine, fun parents, cute kids, a barn, and a guitar?

An awesome evening for pictures. That’s what.P Family-Blog-100

P Family-Blog-101

P Family-Blog-102

P Family-Blog-103

P Family-Blog-104

P Family-Blog-105

P Family-Blog-106

P Family-Blog-107

P Family-Blog-108

P Family-Blog-109

P Family-Blog-110

P Family-Blog-111

P Family-Blog-112

P Family-Blog-113

P Family-Blog-114

P Family-Blog-115

P Family-Blog-116

P Family-Blog-117

P Family-Blog-118

P Family-Blog-119

P Family-Blog-120

P Family-Blog-121

P Family-Blog-122

P Family-Blog-123

P Family-Blog-124

P Family-Blog-125

P Family-Blog-126

P Family-Blog-127

P Family-Blog-128

P Family-Blog-129


Thank you “P” family for spending a HOT evening with me. Even if we did get chased off by security and almost become target practice for the neighbors.  I think it was totally worth it!

If you are interested in booking your photography session with me, email me at hartsdesire@hotmail.com

3 thoughts on ““P” Family|Front Royal Family Photography

  1. Great photos Sarah!… I’ve been using an older Nikon 35mm but am in need of a new camera and I’m curious what you’re shooting with and how you like it? I enjoy doing a lot of natural light photography as well 🙂 Thanks.

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