The J Family Part 2|Hart’ Desire Photography Family Session

For the 2nd part of this family session, we went back to the J’s new house for a little water balloon action. We decided last minute to change it up and cool off after our time in the heat and humidity.

J Family blog-19

J Family blog-20

J Family blog-21

J Family blog-22

J Family blog-23

J Family blog-24

J Family blog-25

J Family blog-26

J Family blog-27

Always running!

J Family blog-28

J Family blog-29

J Family blog-31

Someone started to pout

J Family blog-32

J Family blog-33

J Family blog-34

J Family blog-35

J Family blog-36

J Family blog-37

J Family blog-38

J Family blog-39

J Family blog-40

J Family blog-41

J Family blog-42

J Family blog-30

Thanks ‘J’ family for the great session! It was a blast!

If you are interested in booking a session, email me at


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