Before & After {Boy’s Bedroom}

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a before and after, huh? I actually did this little makeover in March for little man’s birthday. It was time to get rid of his toddler bed and give him a ‘real bed’.

We started with this before he was born. A very gender neutral room since we didn’t know what we were having.

I did this makeover in one day because it was a surprise to little man. I kept the wall color, the paint job still looked good and it’s a green that goes with everything.


When I talked with little man about what he wanted for his ‘big boy room’ he said he wanted a loveseat like mommy and daddy have.  This loveseat was in our den and rarely used. Now, it gets used every day. It was a yard sale find a few years ago from a Model House.


The dresser was passed down from my husband’s grandparents. It was originally in blonde wood that came from a smoke filled home. It needed a paint job.  I painted it in Antique White and did a paint technique to make it look older and give it more character. There is a ton of storage in this dresser!


The lamps were a Goodwill find.  I knew they would be perfect for this makeover. Unfortunately, the only shades I could find that would fit a harp style lamp were these plain jane shades. I dressed them up with a little burlap hot glued on.



A sunburst frame I picked up at a yard sale a few years ago holds lots of snapshots. Little man has enjoyed looking at these since I hung them up.


I picked up the mirror hanger from a thrift store a few years ago knowing that one day I would have a use for it. The round mirror was given to me by a friend and also used to be hung in the den unused.


This wood piece is left over fencing from another project. I sanded it very well, stained it several different colors, sanded it again, and sealed it. I wanted something large to take up wall space and something we could hang pictures, artwork, etc. and that would be easy to change out.  Pictures are hung with plumbing tape.




My dad made this bed for me when I was a teenager. I love that now it gets used every day for my son.  The toy box was also made by my dad for little man’s 1st birthday.


The stool came from Ikea years ago. I have no idea if they still sell it. It’s been painted different colors at different times. It’s now navy with torn scrapbook paper decoupage on.


I picked up 2 vintage crates 2 years ago at a consignment store. It makes the perfect “garage” for matchbox cars. Each cubby can hold 4 cars!



The comforter is from the Better Homes and Garden line at Walmart.



An old wooden stool acts as an end table


A bear rug adds to the rustic touch


These tractor prints were picked up at a yard sale 2 years ago and I’ve been hording them for the right time. I simply cut the paper and used clipboards to hold them. The clipboards make it easy to change out artwork as little man’s tastes change.


My dad made the bookcase for me as a gift when I was pregnant to hold all of the little golden books that were mine as a child.


I picked up these scatter rugs at an auction.



The bunting was made from men’s dress shirts I picked up at Goodwill.



Even Harley likes it



One thought on “Before & After {Boy’s Bedroom}

  1. I love the new room..I had a feeling that your Dad made the toy box but no idea he made the bed also. Thanks for sharing your projects and your photography!

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