In limbo

It’s that time of year I hate the most. Dead in the middle of winter. The days are too short; you don’t want to do anything in the evening because it’s dark at 6pm. The weekends are spent doing regular chores and other ‘housekeeping’ things to get ready for the following week.  I think what makes it even worse this year is that the weather is also in limbo. Here in Virginia it can’t decide if it wants to get cold or warm.

I’ve got a few things I’d like to work on but it’s hard to get motivated. So if it seems like I’ve been MIA, now you know why…

BUT we have been doing a few things to get prepared for a certain holiday next week (and our anniversary later in the month).  I’ve never decorated for Valentine’s Day before except for a Heart shaped wreath on the door that I still haven’t gotten on the front door that will make it’s debut today but with little man it’s fun to get festive even for the littlest of holidays. PLUS, it gives me an excuse to get craftySmile


I’m not a big candy person, so instead of candy, little man’s class mates are getting these fun paper windmills




A sweet little “Love” garland



I did venture into Goodwill last night after work looking for a belt and walked out with 2 bags full of goodies.  I’ll be sure to share later next week!

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