A Rustic & Colorful Christmas Tree


Over the weekend we cut down our first live tree ever since we’ve been in our house. 7 years we’ve had a fake tree. It was time we got a real tree. In the past I’ve never wanted to deal with the watering, needle falling, potential fire hazard that goes along with real trees that I remember from my childhood.  BUT…I felt it was time to suck it up and deal with it. And so far I’m glad we did. This tree is my favorite to date.

We cut it out of our own yard! We have had an evergreen tree that was ok but it’s going to be in the way of some other trees I want to plant along our driveway this spring.





So we topped it and brought it in the house. Bird’s nest and all! Isn’t a bird’s nest in your Christmas tree good luck?

I brought up my big rubbermaid box of ornaments but I couldn’t bring myself to put a single one on.  This tree spoke to me and it said” keep it simple”.  So that’s what we did.

I bought a few fat quarters from Walmart in colorful Christmas fabrics and tore them into strips similar to when I made my fabric garland and simply tied them around the light strand.


Winter cupcake liners decorate a few of the lights.




Foam snowflakes from the Dollar Tree fill in a few of the holes.


Gingerbread ornaments made by little man and my sister and cranberry garland round out the decorations on this handmade tree.




A few yards of burlap serve as the tree skirt.



I also put up a tall skinny fake tree in our den.  This tree holds all the ornaments that people have given us and a few of the handmade ornaments little man has made at “school”.


Berry garland, cinnamon ornaments, dried pomegranate slices, and an old quilt for a tree skirt are a few of the other touches on this tree.



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What about you? Are your trees up and ready to go? Do you go with a fake tree or a real tree?

Have a great day!



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