DIY {Sweater Wreath}


Here is a super easy tutorial on how I made the sweater wreath from yesterdays post:


  • Old sweater
  • burlap
  • metal coat hanger
  • cutting tool
  • pliers {not pictured}


My sweater came from a refashion gone wrong but i just loved the chunky sweater and colors.  The burlap I still had on hand from several projects, including my kitchen curtains.

Next, cut your burlap and sweater into strips. It doesn’t matter the length but if you can afford to go longer I would.



Unwrap your hanger and shape into a circle


push your fabric through one end of the hanger and weave back and forth until you have the desired fullness alternating between the sweater and burlap.



It should look a little something like this:




When you’ve reached the end use the pliers again to wrap the two ends of the coat hanger together, making sure to make a loop on one end to hang your wreath.


After making mine, I realized I didn’t use as much fabric as I probably should have so I used wooden cloths pins to keep the fullness.  You can see them in my pictures, this doesn’t bother me, I like the look but if this bothers you, be sure to use enough fabric so it doesn’t slide down the wire when it’s hanging.

IMG_2349 IMG_2350 IMG_2352

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Let me know if you make one! I’d love to see it! Send me a picture or post it on my Facebook Wall!

Happy Crafting!



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