A Few Christmas Touches

I like to keep things simple around Christmas.  This time of year can be stressful enough so why add to it? I like to add a few “hints” here and there of the season in addition to the tree.

Over the summer, I bought a vintage case full of vintage Christmas ornaments. I could.not.wait. until I got to use these this year!


A bowl here, a basket there


The mantel was also pretty easy this year.  I first started with 2 vintage type trays, added a DIY sweater wreath, garland with pine cones, and the PEACE stocking holders round it out.  I added sliced and dried pomegranates and glitter snowflakes from dollar tree for a little sparkle.






I added a few of those vintage ornament pieces in some of the spaces in the type drawers also.



A tutorial of the wreath is coming tomorrow so be sure to check back!


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In the dining room I’ve wrapped the chandelier in 2 swags and added my vintage sled to the top of the china cabinet. A large bowl lined with burlap and toped with a ton of pinecones makes this easy and festive.




More vintage ornaments adorn the inside of the cabinet for a little color and sparkle.



The collage wall is finally done! I’ll show it off one day next week:)

The desk in my living room



See that cute painted snowman? That was painted by yours truly when I was just 7.  My mom gave it to me last year. I’m hoping to add to the collection with hand painted goodness from little man.


And a little sparkle in the bathroom

IMG_2360 IMG_2361

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All that’s left is the tree! We’ll be cutting down one out of our own yard this year; it’s the first live tree we’ve had since we’ve been in our house-8 years!



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