Let the Decorating Begin!

It’s Christmas time!  Yeah!!  I’ve got all the decorations up except for the tree. We are getting a real tree this year so we’ll get that next weekend.  It will be the start of a new family tradition. 

Today I’ll be sharing the outside decorations and later this week I’ll share the inside with you.

Let’s get started!

I’ve been keeping things simple this year and the outside is no exception. The front door is swaged in pinecone garland with a basket full of greenery that I’ve clipped from around the yard.


Please excuse the weird shadows. I remembered late in the day that I had to take these pictures because I wouldn’t get another chance until next weekend-darn time change. I’m still not adjusted!

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of “using what you got”. I simple clipped a few sprigs of greenery from evergreen trees, bushes, rhododendron, a Japanese maple, pussy willow tree, and a lavender bush.


IMG_2428 IMG_2429

What I like best about the basket is that this arrangement will last well after Christmas and carry me into the winter. No watering is required; I just stuffed my basket with some cheap garland I’ve had for years but don’t use anymore to give it a good base then added my clippings.


The urns are topped with rustic planters turned upside down for an unique topiary affect.

I had a special model yesterday. Meet Pixel, our Boston Terrier. 


I also had another special helper who didn’t care for Pixel being my model. Meet Gunner, our Boxer. 


He can be pretty jealous when he’s not the center of attention.  Oh let’s face it, he’s pretty jealous ALL the time!

Moving to the back door.


Again, simple swag I made using clippings from the yard.


Here’s a secret for anyone wanting to make a swag but is too intimidated to try:  get a piece of floral Styrofoam from the Dollar Tree and just go crazy sticking your cuttings in! That’s it!  No wire needed. (well, except to make your hook) You do want to make sure all the foam is covered so you can’t see it through your greenery.  But that’s really it!  It took my 20min tops to make this one.



The barrel planters are filled with green wreaths topped with pinecones.


So, have you all been doing any decorating?  Inside, outside? Tree decorating? How many of you are done with your shopping? Procrastinating? Putting it off? Do share!

See you a little later in the week for the inside!

Have a fabulous day!


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