The Styling of a Bookcase

The month of October was dedicated to cleaning and organizing my house. I got rid of 5 boxes of clothes that didn’t fit little man in edition to a bunch of baby toys he generously donated to a needy family.  I went through the drawers in the vanities in the bathrooms, cleaned out the filing cabinets, threw out a bunch of trash, and donated a lot too.  The only thing left to do is get to the basement. That’s a job in itself!

One of the things I’d been wanting to get to was my bookcase in the den.  It was starting to get out of hand.






It had looked nice at one time but over time it started to get a little messy.

Our photo albums were taking up the bulk of the space and some were too big and didn’t fit on the shelves properly.  I decided to move them all to the vintage suitcases I have in the space that at as a table.  This way, they are all stored together and my thought was that if God forbid there was ever a fire, if I could, they would be easy and quick to grab.


I also decided to add a little texture to the back of the bookcases.  I trimmed some brown kraft wrapping paper to size and secured it with mounting putty.


When styling a bookcase I tend to do mini groups of books, adding accessories along the way.  Stacking books horizontally and vertically adds interest while the accessories you add can help bring your personality to the space.  I added the dried gourds I picked up at last weeks yard sale for fall, when Christmas comes, I’ll add a few ornaments or winter greenery to suggest the season.

Here are the details

A birds nest little man and I found while trimming trees

IMG_1483 IMG_1482

Old books authored by a neighbor



A ceramic figure painted by a family member symbolizing my husband, his sister, and their granddad



I have a lot of black and red in the things on my bookcase so I tried to keep that running throughout the shelves so your eye takes you through the entire bookcase.






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I hope everyone has a great day!



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