Thrifters Anonymous


Well I over did it. Again. I went thrift store shopping with my mom and sister over the weekend. I told myself I didn’t need anything. I was just going to window shop. I was only going to buy if I really really loved it because I just don’t need it. I want to simplify. Sometimes its nice not to think about what you are going to wear. If I didn’t have so many options than it would just be easier. A car full of clothes,shoes, and furniture later. Oh yeah, I’m great at this. Simple here I come.{can you sence the sarcasm?}

I need a meeting. Anyone else with me?

One thought on “Thrifters Anonymous

  1. I will join you ….. I realized two weeks ago that I had purchased 3 white sweaters at thrift stores over the last few months …… two of which were almost identical ……. not sure how great of a support system we will be for each other ……

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