Adventures in Yard Saleing

Good morning!  And oh yes!  You read that right! I hit up a great yard sale on Friday.  For the most part, yard sale season is over around these parts but every once in a while you find one. I spotted this one on my way to work Friday morning and made a B-line for it during my lunch break.  What did I find????




I know, I know, I just got barstools this summer.  But don’t worry, I am still keeping them.  But there are 3 of us here so 2 barstools just won’t work.  These aren’t industrial as what I would like but I do like the backs, especially for the little person around here.  I haven’t decided what I want to do to them yet.  The blonde wood is just a little too light for my taste so I’m thinking a quick sand and some darker stain.

I also scoured a bag of dried gourds for decorating



One original oil painting


One original watercolor/sketch


This pretty little tea cup.  It’s holding the “leaves” for our Thankful Tree at the moment.

 IMG_1301 IMG_1300

This wooden tray. 


And a few vintage odds and ends that will be added to the shop soon.

And check out this beauty I found in the woods during one of our evening walks


I’ve got a crazy busy week scheduled here.  Lots to share with you including the kitchen before & after.  Prepare for a picture HEAVY post for that!  There might just be a post for everyday of the week there is that.much. Yeah!

Have a great Monday!


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