Random Monday

It’s been so pretty here the last few weeks.  The colors of fall are everywhere.

We’ve been taking evening walks before dinner and enjoying the outdoor fireplace.

So Saturday, we woke up to snow! In Virginia! In October! I know those of you up north are just rolling your eyes at me but its just a little unheard of to have snow before Halloween here.

I noticed at the same time my Rhododendron bush has new life

We spent a good chunk of the day at my parents house going through closets finding lost treasures, eating homemade soup, and having an all around relaxing time.

My dad had found me another apple crate, and I found these quilted coverlets my grandma had made a long time ago along with this crocheted blanket.

Two bags of books for the boy

A handmade “couch potato” pillow that a family friend made me years and years ago. He loved it so much and has been sleeping with it since he claimed it as his

When we got home the boy was ready for a long nap. I got a few things done around the house including my pinterest challenge item. I’ll share it on Wednesday, you can check out my  boards if you want to try to guess what I made. It involved my new favorite set of fabric.

Did anyone else have crazy weather over the weekend?

Have a happy Monday!


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