2 More Tutorials {Gold Leaf Bowl & Appliques}

I’ve got 2 more tutorials from the baby shower for you today.

The appliques I made for the onsie decorating station was probably the most time consuming but well worth it.  Appliques for 20 baby onsies can get expensive and I was able to do it for just pennies.

I started with a pack of pre-cut fabric squares that I purchased at Hobby Lobby with a coupon and little bit of heat-n-bond I already had.  Be sure to pre-wash your fabric so it shrinks before you decorate your t’s.

I used a few cookie cutters as templates for my appliques. Butterflies, hearts, fish, a dog, a flower, stars, etc. where the right size for this project.

Trace your design on the fabric and then cut around the shape. Adhere to the heat-n-bond per directions.

Iron on to your onsies per directions and viola!

The last tutorial for today is a gold leaf bowl for the Wish Tree.  This is a great project for this time of year, it would look great filled with pine cones or holiday ornaments.

I found this large plastic bowl at Dollar Tre

The gold leaf I had on hand for this project was a little different then what I’m used it.  Brush on the medium and wait until it is clear and tacky.

Rub the gold leaf sheets and the gold leaf will adhere to the medium. Other types of gold leaf are similar except that you don’t pull up the paper to reveal the gold leaf, you simply rub in for a more opaque finish.

I did another layer over top the first for more coverage of gold leaf.

The finished bowl:

I hope a few of these ideas got your own creative juices flowing. The best part is that you aren’t limited to a baby shower, you can adapt these to your own tastes and needs.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I’m hoping to get a little mini makeover with my hair. I mentioned earlier last week that I’m growing it out for Locks of Love but it’s time to get a little bit of style in it or I might cave and cut it all off.  Maybe a little before and after will be in order???

Next week I’ll be sharing the kitchen and bathroom before and after as well as trying to make a few needed changes to the look and layout of the blog. I’m hoping to organize some of the categories a little bit better with pictures so it’s easier to navigate. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions of what kinds of changes you would like to see?

It’s been beautiful in Virginia this past week with the leaves changing, I’ve gotten a few pictures this week and I’m hoping to get out for some family pictures this weekend and an all around relaxing weekend.

Have a beautiful weekend!



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